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Bharathi kannamma and Raja Rani Mahasangam 1st June 2021 Written Update

Bharathi kannamma and Raja Rani Mahasangam 31st May 2021 Written Update: Archana, Senthil escape plan
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Bharathi kannamma and Raja Rani Mahasangam 1st June 2021 Written Update

Bharathi kannamma and Raja Rani Mahasangam The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Akhil, Anjali and Venu reaches to the resort. Venu asks Akhil Is he booked the room? He informs him he booked it on online he leaves to check in. Venu questions Anjali what would she like to eat? She informs to him she will eat in restaurant. Venu says to her let’s order to room service they will bring it to their room. Anjali says she needs chicken biriyani. Venu says let’s order the same for everyone.

Akhil comes there and gives key to Venu. They leaves to their room. Ravi is talking with someone in phone. Ravi tells to Saravana he is hungry let’s eat something from Street. Saravana stares him in teasing way. Senthil comes there along with Archana and Parvathy. Saravana thinks if he has any idea they are also coming then he would have take Sandhya with him too. Ravi questions Senthil why are they coming with them?

Archana says to him that she was the one adamant to go with him. Ravi questions her what’s the need to go there? Parvathy lies to him that Archana’s ancestors temple is in kancheepuram. Ravi questions her how come her ancestors temple is there doesn’t her birth place is Sivagasi? Ravi asks her to say her god name. Parvathy mentioned it as Angala Parameswari. Saravana tells to Parvathy that even Archana has mouth no need of her answer. Archana mentioned it as Angamma.

Ravi comments that Angala Parameswari turns to Angamma in one minute! Ravi questions Parvathy why is she suporting Archana? She informs to him because she is also accompany them to Kancheepuram. Ravi questions her why is she accompany them? Parvathy says she will roam around that place what’s his problem if she go with them? She says he don’t need to spend money for her. Senthil will do it. Ravi teases Senthil. Saravana says let’s book car. Senthil informs to him let’s go in bus or train.

Saravana questions him Is he informed to Sivagami? He informs to her that she scolded him when he said it! It seems still she is angry. Archana questions him why is she Angry? Ravi teases her for asking like that. Ravi adds that Sivagami went to her brother house because of her. They leaves from there. Venu asks Akhil to order idly he informs to him self service here. Venu gets irritates. Akhil leaves from there. Saravana family reaches to the resort. Archana complaints Kancheepuram is in long distance and very hot here. They suffered a lot while travelling. Ravi says he is hungry.

Saravana tells him let’s eat and leave. Archana and Parvathy orders different items. Senthil complaints that it will expense a lot so eat mini tiffin. Parvathy says to them its self service here. Parvathy says one person food will cost 500rs. Senthil says he can’t able to accept it. Saravana says he will buy it for all. Senthil dashes with Akhil. His food plate falls down. Senthil starts badmouthing Akhil and holds his collar. Their family reaches there to separate them. Akhil complaints that Senthil is taking non sense.

Ravi recognize them and questions Akhil doesn’t he Bharathi’s brother? He nods. Venu says he is familiar to him. Ravi reminds them who are they. Venu reminds that incident and recognize them. Venu questions Akhil doesn’t he remember them? They are the one won the best mother and daughter in law award. He nods to him. Kannamma won the second prize. Parvathy thinks that she planned a lot to finish her but nothing worked. Saravana questions him where is Kannamma and Bharathi? Venu manages the situation and takes them from there. They are eating together. Ravi asks Senthil and Akhil to patch up.

They are sharing their family matters with each other. Venu says Soundarya will be so happy if she comes to know they meet them. Parvathy informs to all that government again announced lock down. Senthil says let’s leave soon to kancheepuram. Venu advises to them its risk to go back so just stay here for few days. Saravana thinks about Sandhya and Sivagami. Parvathy complaints she is not a kid no one will kidnap her?

Ravi says let’s stay here as Venu said. Anjali says let’s stay here together and enjoy well. Venu gets disappointed to see the corona cases. Anjali notices Venu is sneezing and gives home remedy medicine to him. Anjali shares her grief with him. When Kannamma was there Soundarya only used to call her but not her. She felt jealous of her. Anjali informs to him that she learnt it now how much happiness they will get if they help their family members. Venu praises her for the changes in her.

Venu and Anjali opens up with each other. Sandhya reminds about Saravana and calls to him. Saravana is also thinking about Sandhya. He thinks that he left her alone. Sandhya and Saravana are dialing on same time and gets busy tone. Sandhya says to him that she got busy tone. Saravana says to her that he was stucked because of lock down. Saravana informs to her that he is talking with her from outside.

Sandhya says it’s better to stay in resort instead of roaming outside. Saravana says he met one family there. He shares to her that he met Kannamma family. Sandhya feels happy to hear it. Saravana informs to her that Kannamma and Bharathi didn’t come here. Saravana feels bad for Sandhya staying alone there. Sandhya convinces him and enjoy there.

Episode end.

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