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Bharathi kannamma and Raja Rani Mahasangam 31st May 2021 Written Update

Bharathi kannamma and Raja Rani Mahasangam 31st May 2021 Written Update: Archana, Senthil escape plan
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Bharathi kannamma and Raja Rani Mahasangam 31st May 2021 Written Update

Bharathi kannamma The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Anjali is cleaning the floor. Akhil comes there and questions her why is she doing these work? She informs to him that Mallika is on leave for one week that’s why she is doing these work. If she don’t do it house will be dirty. Akhil questions her why did she took a week Is she not well? Anjali informs to him Mallika is doing good but her daughter came to house with baby that’s why Mallika wishes to take care of them. Akhil complaints that due to this corona pandemic he scared to open the social media also. Daily death news in it that’s why he is scared.

Anjali informs him that she is also scared because their neighbors are also affected. Akhil asks Anjali to stop bothering about these matters. She is not allowed to watch corona news in this pregnancy time. These news will affect her and baby also. He asks Anjali to give the broom to him he will clean the place. Anjali deny it. Akhil says she is planning to create bad name to him for making pregnant lady work. He starts clean there Anjali comments she gonna put a statue for her husband in Marina beach for his selfless behavior.

Venu comes there and questions Akhil what’s going in here? Is he helping his wife? Akhil question him did he visit mom in hospital? Venu informs to him he met her in hospital. She woke up nothing to worry she even start to walk inside the hospital. Akhil asks him to bring her here after discharging. Venu informs to him that doctor deny it reasoning her head was injured so she wants to be in under observation. Anjali says to him let her stay there and come back after she perfectly alright but she is feeling that Soundarya is in hospital in this situation. Venu says to her nothing to worry hospital people will take care of her well he questions them did they eat anything? Anjali deny it and informs to him she will go and cook for them. Venu questions them what happened to Mallika? She informs to him she is on leave. Venu adds so Soundarya is correct. Bharathi went to attend a seminar in Bengalore along with Hema.

Soundarya is in hospital too so only they three left in this house. Soundarya informs to him that she will come back to home in one week Anjali is also pregnant she will work in this time. So she asked them to go out and enjoy well. Anjali will be happy in outer atmosphere. Anjali deny it reasoning she don’t like to go leaving Soundarya in hospital. Venu informs to her how will they take Soundarya in this health condition of her. Akhil questions him when they are going? Venu says today itself. Akhil says to Anjali that he is going to pack the things.

Archana reminds how did she drunk yesterday and tortured Sivagami and Ravi. Archana thinks that she made a scene yesterday in house. Sivagami used to show hell to her for talking against her one time. But she tortured Sivagami yesterday and insulted her. Sivagami gonna kick her out of this house. Archana thinks how will she escape from this situation. Will she call her parents and send her out? She doubts how comes she drinks came in that cool drinks? She reminds the incident and guess Sakkarai is the reason. She will deal with him later first she wanna find a way to escape from Sivagami. She wants to escape from this house for 4 days she asks god to help her. Senthil comes there and complaints his head pain is not leaving.

What did she mixed in that cool drinks this head pain is not leaving him. Archana complaints she didn’t do anything that Sakkarai gave it she has no idea what did he mixed in it? Senthil questions her why did she snatched it from Sakkarai?

Because of her he too drunk it in house. He is suffering in head pain first he don’t know what will Sivagami do to them? Senthil informs to her that she tortured Sivagami a lot. She gonna kill them for it.

Archana asks Senthil to escape from this house for at least 4 days. Senthil informs to Archana that Sivagami will scold them for that too. Archana is adamant to leave the house reasoning she can’t able to face Sivagami. She asks him to use that textile meeting as a reason. Senthil nods and leave from there.

Akhil questions Anjali Is she packed her things? She informs to him that she packed it well. He teases her Is she packed her make up things in it? Akhil calls to Soundarya and enquires to her how is she? She informs to him that she is doing well. Doctor is not allowing her to go out. Soundarya asks Akhil to go and stay in resort for some days. How will Anjali works alone in that house. She needs a change so take her out. She shared to Akhil that she is treating Anjali And Kannamma are equal.

She wanna take care of Anjali the way she took care of Kannamma. Anjali feels happy to hear it. Soundarya advises to Akhil how to take care of Anjali in this situation. Anjali talks with Soundarya and advises to her take medicine on time and eat healthy food. Don’t think about Bharathi and Hema and enjoy the resort. Anjali thank her for treating Kannamma and Anjali equal. Soundarya says that she is also her daughter in law.
Anjali and Soundarya opens up with each other. Soundarya asks them to take care and disconnects the call. Akhil is teasing Anjali.

Ravi is searching for Sandhya. Parvathy comes there and questions him why is he searching for her? He asks her to give a coffee Parvathy questions him how many time he will drink coffee? sandhya is not in home she is not informing anyone where is she going and coming? She is a queen right? Saravana comes there so Parvathy leaves from there. Ravi complaints to Saravana that Parvathy only know to complaint Sandhya.

Saravana informs to him that Sandhya went to meet her friend. Ravi questions Saravana how is his business? He informs to him that it’s not going well. Ravi asks him to close it for some days reasoning pandemic situation. Saravana questions him where is Sivagami? He informs to him that Sivagami went to their uncle house in anger. She was disappointed with Archana behavior.

Senthil comes there and lies to Ravi about some business matter. He wishes to go there alone with Archana. Ravi questions Senthil what’s the need to take Archana from here? Senthil says she will be a helpful to him. Ravi deny it reasoning she burnt the gudown. Ravi says to him clearly they will accompany them. Saravana thinks how will he leave leaving Sandhya alone? Ravi says to him let Sandhya and Sivagami stays in this house alone then only they will patch up. Sivagami is hell. Angry on Archana she will show that anger on Sandhya. Saravana nods and calls to Sandhya.

Saravana hesitate to say the reason to her. Sandhya asks Saravana to share with her what’s bothering him? Why did he called her out of the blue? Saravana informs to her that Ravi, Saravana and Senthil are going to Kanchipuram. He adds that he is going to help Senthil there. Saravana thinks that he wishes to take her with him but didn’t says to her. Sandhya thinks that he is not calling her. He says to her that he will buy sarie for her. Saravana informs to her that Sivagami went to uncle house reasoning Archana incident. Sandhya asks him to take care. Senthil informs to Archana that Ravi is not allowing him to take her with them. Archana questions him what’s the need to take them there?

She was the one gave the idea but they are trying to leave without her. Parvathy is listening to this all. Archana stands adamant to take her with them. Parvathy gives a idea to them and asks them to take her with them. Senthil deny it. Parvathy threaten them with Alliance matter. Senthil agrees to take Parvathy with them. Archana says that all are adamant in this house. She wanna leave this house before Sivagami coming.

Episode end.

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