Bigg Boss 16 11th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 16 11th November 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode started with Salman Khan’s greeting. He talked about this week’s performance of the inmates. Salman talks about Shiv and Archana’s fight. He says bigg boss is intervening this time but as a viewer, he is seeing too. He says he will talk about it later. Salman shows what happened this week

Stan and Shiv talk about Shalin and Tina. Gautam, Shiv, and Stan talk with each other. Stan talks about his girlfriend and says he will first show the house to her. Abdu enjoys the pool. Soundarya asks Gautam if his ex will enter the house as a wild card. Gautam says he doesn’t have an ex. Shiv praises Gautam’s courage.

Bigg Boss 16 11th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Abdu says if a girl will enter as a wild card, boys will be happy, and vice versa. Priyanka teases Abdu about Nimrit’s name. Abdu clears Nimrit is just a friend. Abdu confronts Priyanka about throwing him out of the captaincy. Priyanka defends herself.

Shalin says to Tina that he didn’t do anything that can make her treat him harshly. Tina decides to focus on her game. She says to Shalin she wants to check on their relationship outside the house. Shalin tries to patch up with Tina. Gautam shared with Priyanka about Soundarya is excited about wild card entry.

Gautam complained to Soundarya about being judgmental. Soundraya defends herself. Gautam and Soundarya argue with each other. Gautam asks Soundarya not to teach. Soundarya calls Gautam an idiot. Sajid asks Gautam what is bothering him. Gautam breaks down. Sajid asks Soundarya why she hurt Gautam. Soundarya apologizes to Gautam. Gautam asks Soundarya to leave him as he is not well.

Tina and Priyanka argue over kitchen duty. Priyanka calls Tina bossy. Tina shares with Shalin and says Sumbul fitted into everyone’s brain that she is bossy in the kitchen. Soundarya and Gautam argue over eating food. Gautam refuses to eat the food. Soundarya insists. Shalin asks Gautam and Soundarya to argue in private else others will judge them.

Shalin asks Soundarya if she is fine. He tries to feed chocolate to Soundarya. Soundarya avoids Shalin. Soundarya tells Gori that Shalin is trying to talk with her. She says she will burst on Shalin for passing comments on her. Sajid says he changed Abdu. Shalin asks Abdu not to let anyone change him. Abdu calls Nimrit his friend.

Shiv advised Abdu not to listen to Sajid always. Abdu understands Shiv. Shiv advised Abdu to take with Nimrit in private. Abdu and Nimrit talk in private. Shalin, Nimrit, Stan, and Shiv talk about Archana. Nirmit says others will try to prove because of them Archana got evicted. Stan and Shiv talk with each other. Stan says girls don’t know to cook or how they survive. Shiv says their mother might cook for them.

Salman shows Arjun Bijlani and Sunny Leone performing tasks in the house. Arjun and Sunny talk about MTV Splitsvilla. They explain boys’ vs girls’ tasks. Task started with Shalin and Gori. They compete in dance. Ankit impresses Ankit. Arjun and Sunny perform a heart talk with inmates. Task started with Tina and ended with Ankit.

Arjun and Sunny give the third task to the inmates. He asks inmates to give the percentage based on the tags given to them Task started with Tina and Ankit. Tina and Priyanka argue post the former claim Ankit is a later follower. Arjun praises both groups. Soundarya, Gautam, and Gori talk with each other. Soudarya claims Nimrit is putting oil in the fire. Gautam and Gori agree.

Priyanka joins the talk. Gori, Gautam calls Stan useless. Priyanka and Ankit talk about others. They say people don’t know about true friendship. Priyanka regrets supporting Stan. She says she is too real for the reality show Stan complained to Gori about back bitching. He claims Gori heard bad words about him and Sajid. Gori defends herself.

Later, Priyanka, Stan, Shiv, and Ankit argue with each other. Sajid talks with Nimrit and Tina. He says Priyanka doesn’t have any personality and instigates fighting for the camera. Salman welcome Sunny and Arjun on the stage. They talk about Splitsvilla. Arjun and Sunny promote their show. Salman meets inmates. He calls Priyanka and Ankit to the activity area.

Salman shows the audience’s reaction to Ankit and Priyanka’s relationship. Fans question Ankit and Priyanka’s bond. Fans claim Priyanka is dominating Ankit. Salman asks Priyanka and Ankit to clear their status first. Ankit clears Priyanka is just a friend. Priyanka says she is given more in their friendship. Salman praises Ankit’s brain and schools him about using his skills in the game before it gets late.

Bigg Boss 16 11th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Salman asks Priyanka to let Ankit play his game. Priyanka promise Salman that she will not interrupt Ankit anymore. Salman says to Priyanka that if she will keep stopping Ankit, she will get evicted before Ankit. He adds if both play together they can go a long way but it can be vice versa.

Salman discusses this with Priyanka and Ankit. He claims both likes each other. Salman calls Ankit lucky to have Priyanka at his side. Salman asks Priyanka and Ankit to not become liabilities to each other but try to be an asset.