Bigg Boss 16 12th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 16 12th November 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode started with Salman Khan’s greeting. He talks about Priyanka and Ankit. Salman adds there will be an important elimination tonight. He meets inmates. Salman asks Priyanka and Ankit if they understood or not. Priyanka and Ankit nod.

Salman says amid Priyanka, Sumbul, and Gori one will surely leave the place. He says without wasting further time he will disclose the name. Salman says Priyanka got evicted. He asks Ankit and others to bid adieu to Priyanka. Salman asks Ankit to start playing his game.

Bigg Boss 16 12th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Priyanka meets inmates. She gets teary. Sajid asks Priyanka not to worry as he will take care of Ankit. Gori and Soundarya feel bad for Priyanka. Salman asks Priyanka to leave. Priyanka promises to play her own game. Shalin, Nimrit, and Tina say it might be a prank.

Salman asks Ankit how he is feeling. Ankit says he is feeling lost. Salman says not Priyanka but Gori is leaving. He says the prank was to open Priyanka and Ankit’s eyes. Gori bid adieu to the inmates. Inmates wish luck to Gori. Gori leaves the house. Ankit apologizes to Priyanka. Priyanka regrets worrying about others and her loss. Ankit comforted Priyanka.

Priyanka talks with Ankit and says she will not bother anyone and will only think about herself. She asks Ankit why he doesn’t speak up. Ankit asks Priyanka to think about herself and he has advised the same. Nimrit and Shiv discuss Priyanka and Ankit. Shiv says Salman might have given clarity to Priyanka and Ankit. Shalin talks with Nimrit and says Ankit is clear that he doesn’t want to get settled in the house. Nimrit agrees with Shalin.

Priyanka complained to Ankit that because of his nature she is being portrayed diplomatically. She asks Ankit to play his game as she isn’t going to guide him anymore. Sajid advised Ankit to follow his heart. He jokes about Gori and says who will steal ration from their room. Nimrit and Abdu laugh. Sajid asks Priyanka to leave Ankit sometimes. Ankit says Priyanka always asks him to go.

Salman welcome Kriti Sanon and Varun Dhawan. Varun promotes his upcoming movie bhediya. Kriti and Varun compete to prove that Salman Khan’s a fan. Salman performs the blindfolded tasks with Varun and Kriti. Kriti wins the task. Salman sends Kriti and Varun inside the house. Kriti and Varun meet the inmates. Salman promotes the Licious app.

Varun and Kriti perform a task with inmates. Task started with Priyanka and ended with Ankit. Varun gets impressed with Ankit’s explanation. He further asks inmates to guess who has bitched about whom and shower the spray. The task starts with Soundarya. Soundarya guessed Tina bitched about her. Shalin too guessed Tina talked behind his back.

Varun and Kriti exposed Sumbul, Shiv, and Abdu. Shalin confronts Tina about talking behind his back. Tina defends herself. Afterward, Salman confronts Archana about her reaction in the house. Archana regrets her action in the house. She says Shiv was provoking her. Salma says thus she will hold someone’s neck. Archana feels sorry. She asks Salman to give her one last chance. Salman says the type of content she was giving isn’t needed.

Salman bashes Archana. Archana feels sorry. Salman says Priyanka tried to support her but she disrespected her too. Salman asks Archana to wait until he comes back Salman talks with Nimrit. He asks Nimrit who barks in the name of humanity. Nimrit tries to explain. Salman bashes Nirmit for using foul language. Salman further highlights Sajid, Gautam, Shalin, and Stan smoke openly in the house. Shalin explains and Salman ignores the former.

Salman talks about Archana and Shiv’s fight. Salman asks who all witnessed Archana’s violence towards Shiv. Everyone raises their hand against Archana. Salman asks Tina to explain the incident. Tina explains Archana is hiding sugar and tissue boxes. Salman hears Tina. He further asks Priyanka to explain more. Archana gets teary hearing Priyanka. Tina tries to prove Archana wrong. Salman asks Tina if she is sure about whatever she is explaining.

Salman says even Sumbul tried to hit Archana. Sumbul defends herself and says Archana instigated her. Salman says Archana didn’t go to her rather Sumbul herself go to her. Salman asks inmates to tell who all think Archana’s reaction was intended to hurt. Nimrit voted against Archana. Priyanka support Archana. Salman shows Shiv’s strategy to provoke Archana.

Bigg Boss 16 12th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Salman says Shiv deliberately instigated Archana and well executed his plan to throw her out. Shiv defends himself. Salman says Stan supported Shiv in plotting against Archana. He says both poked Archana to her boiling point. Salman alerts Shiv about provoking wrongly. He further praises Archana for treating everyone as her competitor.

Archana gets 6 votes in her favor to return to the house. Salman brings back Archana. Archana, Priyanka, and Soundarya get happy. Tina asks Sumbul why she voted in favor of Archana. Sumbul explains herself. Sajid asks Ankit, Priyanka, and Soundarya how they can support Archana. Ankit, Soundarya, and Ankit explain to Sajid. Salman says Archana will enter the house soon