Bigg Boss 16 19th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 16 19th December 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode started with Day 79 at 8 AM: inmates gather to sing the bigg boss anthem.

8:45 AM: Shalin praises Sreejita for getting him tea. Sreejita says she brought it because he asked. Tina gets jealous and says Shalin is doing drama by praising Sreejita. Shiv says it will be fun if Stan becomes captain. Stan, Sajid, and Nimrit enjoy. Shiv imitates Stan. Bigg boss plays alarmed. Soudnarya asks Archana to wake up. She adds none other than Archana is sleeping. Sumbul bangs the plate to wake up the contenders. Tina asks Vikas to wake up. She asks Sumbul not to bang the plate.

1 PM: Bigg boss says sorry to Shiv, Nimrit, and Sajid. He says three of them are not well but Ankit is unnecessarily sleeping. Ankit assures Tina that he will not sleep. Archana says she will be the happiest when Ankit will go out and Priyanka will cry alone.

Bigg Boss 16 19th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 16 19th December 2022 Written Episode Update

1:30 PM: Archana shares with Shiv and says when she cries no one supports but Priyanka has Ankit. Shiv says they will plot to throw Ankit out.

1:45 PM: Bigg boss asks Ankit and Priyanka to gather inmates. Priyanka says to Ankit that Archana is feeding Sajid to get the brownie point. Ankit agrees.

Bigg boss explains captaincy’s task. He says this week too three captains will run the house. Vikas and Soundarya get an opportunity to evict inmates in the task. The left one will replace Abdu. The task starts with Priyanka. Soundarya decides to evict Ankit and Sumbul. Vikas agree with Soundarya’s decision. Sumbul and Ankit are fired from the task.

Task restart; Nimrit asks Vikas to evict Archana and Stan. Tina asks Soundarya to evict Archana and Stan. Shalin too votes against Archana. Bigg boss asks Soudnarya and Vikas to use their brains instead of just following the recommendation. He re-explains the task

3:45 PM: Soundarya and Vikas discuss evicting the contender. Both fail to mutually decide on the name. Bigg boss asks Soundarya and Vikas to take a fast decision. Soundarya and Vikas argue with each other. Bigg boss says since Vikas and Soundarya are taking time thus they are incapable to run the house. He asks inmates to evict one amid Vikas and Soundarya. A majority vote against Vikas. Vikas gets evicted.

4 PM: Shalin, Priyanka, and Tina try to convince Soundarya. Vikas tells Ankit and Priyanka that Nimrit wanted to evict Stan. Priyanka gets surprised. Shiv recommends Stan’s name. Soundarya evicts Priyanka, Tina, Sajid, Shiv, Archana, and Shalin. Archana asks Archana to open her eyes and asks Priyanka and Ankit to evict her. Soundarya understands Archana.

4:15 PM: Stan asks Soundarya to make him captain. Soundarya evicts Shiv and Nimrit. Stan, Soundarya, and Sreejita become the captain of the house. Shiv, Nimrit, Sajid, and Sumbul get happy for Stan. Archana and Tina argue with each other after post latter tell to Shalin that the former refuses to cook chicken. Archana says she is not a servant. Tina calls Archana cheap.

4:45 PM: Nimrit tells to Shiv and Stan that she took Archana and Stan’s names. Soundarya share with Nimrit that she was surprised that Priyanka wants to evict her.

5 PM: Sajid confronts Soundarya about evicting him and making Stan captain. Soundarya says she wanted Stan to be the captain. Sajid gets unconvinced. Shiv tells Sajid and Stan that Nimrit wanted to evict Stan. Stan got surprised. Sajid asked Nimrit why she took Stan’s name. Nimrit says Vikas is trying to wrongly portray her.

5:30 PM: Shiv, Sajid, and Stan try to decode Nimrit’s game. Nimrit says to Sumbul that Stan didn’t take her name n the top 5 but she didn’t raise the question of his friendship. Shiv asks Nimrit why she is getting upset over the confrontation. Stan, Sreeejita, and Soundarya allot the duties. Priyanka refuses to perform lunch duty.

8:30 PM: Shiv hugs Sreejita.

8:45 PM: Archana talks with Nimrit and Sumbul. She says she will be happiest when Priyanka’s groom will be out. Nimrit and Sumbul agree. Priyanka and Ankit discuss Vikas, Sreejita, and Tina.

10:30 PM: Vikas asks Soundarya to make Archana clean the kitchen. Soundarya ignores Archana. Soundarya and Archana hug each other. Archana says she will tie up with Shiv so that Priyanka never becomes the captain.

Bigg Boss 16 19th December 2022 Written Episode Update

11 PM: Stan tells to Sreejita that Tina and Shalin are stealing from the captain’s room. Tina gets offended and argues with Stan. Sumbul jumps into a conversation. Tina argues with Sumbul. Sumbul gets offended when Tina drags her father.

12:30 AM: Archana asks Sajid not to support Ankit. Sajid says Ankit is his friend. Shiv, Sumbul, Archana, and Soundarya vow to evict Ankit and Priyanka.

1 AM: Shiv and Sreejita talk with each other..

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