Bigg Boss 16 1st November 2022 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 16 1st November 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode started with Day 30, 8:45 AM: Stan and Tina talk about their 30 days journey in the house. Tina says Nimrit is playing. She says Nimrit is trying to go ahead in the game by befriending them. Stan refuses to comment. Tina says to Stan that she failed to understand him in the beginning

9:54 Am: Tina asks Soundarya to call her to post she is done with the cooking. Soundarya says sure. Tina asks Gautam to give her kitchen duty to Sumbul. Soundarya asks Gautam to go ahead.

Tina claim Soundarya behaves like Archana at a times. Soundarya argues with Tina. Shalin says to Archana that Gori and Soundarya are trying to throw her out of the kitchen.

Bigg Boss 16 1st November 2022 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 16 1st November 2022 Written Episode Update

10:30 AM: Gautam and Soundarya argue over food. Gautam complained to Soundarya that she gave his share of paratha to others. Sajid comment on Gori and says she will turn into a man soon. Sajid and Stan laugh

11 AM: Stan refuses to support Nimrit in the game. Shiv decides to support Nimrit. He further decides to go with their team on supporting Nimrit. Stan tells Shiv that Nimrit wants to be nice in front of him as she confessed the same

11:15 AM: Gautam asks Archana if she will cook all alone. Archana says she is capable enough. Gautam changes Sondarya’s night duty. Soundarya says to Gautam why Archana works at her convenience. Tina shares with Shalin and gets angry at Soundrya for claiming that she only chops the vegetables.

12:45 PM: Soundarya talk with Stan. She says she too will raise her voice over duty. Soundarya breaks down in front of Stan and claims Gautam and others are taking her for granted. Stan calms Soundarya. Gautam joins the talk.

2:45 PM: Abdu urges Bigg Boss to send chicken and makes fun of Shalin He further asks Bigg Boss to send burgers too for him daily.

3:30 PM: Archana tells Tina, Sumbul, and Nimrit that food is not available for her. Tina asks Archana to demand a separate ration for herself. Gautam discusses Raton with Tina, Nimrit, Shalin, and Sumbul.

Later, Shalin complained to Sajid, and Ankit that Priyanka and Abdu is making fun of her medical condition. Priyanka argues with Shalin and defends herself. Priyanka calls Shalin fake. Shalin gets angry with Priyanka. Ankit gives his support to Priyanka.

Abdu asks Shiv what happened. Shiv tells Abdu that Shalin claimed that he was making fun of his medical issue. Sajid asks Priyanka to calm down.

12 AM: Gori, Stan, Gautam, Shiv, and Soundarya laughs at Sumbul. Shalin, Tina, and Nimrit discuss the game. Shalin decides to side with Shiv over Gautam. Stan tells to Gautam, Gori, and Soundarya that not only Priyanka but everyone out there laughed when Abdu made fun of protein.

Soundarya asks Gautam if he wants to talk with her. Both argue with each other. Gautam asks Soundarya to stop taunting him. He gets angry with Soundarya.

Day 31, 8 AM: inmates sing the Bigg Boss anthem

9 AM: Archana talk with the camera. Stan tells Shiv and Gori that Archana is talking to the camera. Gautam says to Soundarya that he doesn’t want to fight with her because others

11:45 AM: Archana tells Soundarya about her kidnapping story. Bigg Boss addresses inmates. He talks about the nomination. Bigg Boss asks inmates to decide if Gautam should be given special authority or not. Inmates discuss Gautam.

The majority decides not to give special authority to Gautam anymore. Bigg Boss explains nomination asks. Bigg Boss scolds Sajid for smoking openly. Sajid apologize to Bigg Boss

12:15 PM: Bigg Boss explains the nomination task to inmates. Task started with Sumbul. Bigg Boss asks Sumbul to call two contenders to whom she wants to nominate. Sumbul nominates Archana and Shiv.

  • Soundarya nominates Nimrit and Tina.
  • Gori and Ankit nominate Shalin and Archana.
  • Shalin nominate Priyanka and Soundarya
  • Nimrit, Shiv nominate Sumbul and Soundarya
  • Priyanka nominate Shalin and Archana
  • Abdu nominate Sumbul and Priyanka
  • Stan nominate Archana and Sumbul
  • Archana nominate Ankit and Stan
  • Tina nominate Soundarya and Archana
  • Task ended with Sajid. He nominates Sumbul and Soundarya
  • Soundarya, Archana, and Sumbul get nominated.

1 PM: Priyanka praises Ankit for highlighting that Archana doesn’t have a friend. Archana argues with Priyanka. Shalin and Priyanka argue later.

1:30 PM: Gautam and Soundarya talk about the nomination. Soundarya says Shiv’s reason was lame. Gautam agrees. Ankit corrects Priyanka over her fight with Shalin. Priyanka gets angry with Ankit.

2:30 PM: Priyanka asks Ankit not to talk with her. Sajid asks Ankit to give Priyanka some space. Priyanka breaks down thinking Ankit never supports her. Priyanka and Ankit argue with each other.

Sajid, Gautam, and Abdu enjoy themselves with each other. Stan and Gori say Shiv is side-lining them because they are not strong. Shiv talks with Nimrit and says Stan and Gori are smart.

Gori asks Soundarya to quit kitchen duty. She asks Soundrya to talk with Gautam and get their cooking duties changed. Shiv and Priyanka discuss Gautam’s captaincy. Priyanka asks Ankit what has happened. Ankit says nothing. Priyanka asks Ankit not to throw attitude.