Bigg Boss 16 21st December 2022 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 16 21st December 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Day 81, 8 AM: inmates gather to sing the bigg boss anthem.

9:15 AM: Archana talks with Soundarya about some insects and says it can predict the future. Soundarya gets surprised. Both talk with each other. Sreejita asks Tina to cook. Tina takes a time to cook breakfast. Sreejita asks Tina to cook.

9:45 AM; Tina says Stan is sleeping. She asks everyone to sleep. Sreejita says Stan is not well. She asks Tina to tell if she will cook or not. Tina says to Sreejita that she will not cook as she is not well too. Archana says to Sreejita that she is poking Tina. She asks Sreejita to give Tina some time. Sreejita says she is the captain and can confront. Tina thanked Sreejita for understanding her.

Bigg Boss 16 21st December 2022 Written Episode Update

Sreejita gets irked and calls Archana stupid. Sreejita asks Tina not to cook if she is not well. She further asks everyone to cook for themselves. Tina refuses to cook and says Sreejita is throwing her attitude. Shiv asks Tina to perform her duty.

Tina says Sreejita is poking. Shalin talks with Sreejita on Tina’s behalf. Vikas says to Shalin that he is complicating things. Sreejita breaks down in front of Shiv and Nimrit. She says Tina and Shalin are unnecessarily making an issue early morning. Stan says Tina is clever

11:30 AM: Archana talks with Soundarya and Sreejita. She says Tina was highlighting that Sreejita was abusing her. Archana says she is unaffected if Sreejita fight with her. Sreejita and Archana patch up

Tina confronts Stan about nominating her. She claims Stan called her fake. Stan defends. Tina says she is hurt as she considered him a friend. Stan says if nomination breaks the friendship. Both argue with each other. Stan claims Tina befriend him because he has a huge fan following. Tina cries. Stan says he is clear about what is in Tina’s heart.

Tina apologizes to Stan. She says she didn’t befriend him because of her fans. Tina swears on her mother. Nimrit talks with Stan and says Tina is upset because of the nomination. Stan says Tina keeps flipping. Shalin tries to console Tina. Tina asks Shalin to stay away.

2:15 PM Bigg boss calls Priyanka to the confession room. He asks Sajid to gather everyone in the living area. Sajid praises Archana for cleaning the bathroom. Bigg boss asks Priyanka if bb is a game of individuality. Priyanka says bigg boss is definitely a game of individuality. Bigg boss asking Priyanka to press the buzzer to save their favorite contender is justified. Priyanka says it is very situational.

Bigg boss further asks Priyanka to win prize money to save Ankit from nomination. Priyanka ends up saving Ankit from the nomination. Archana and Sajid call Priyanka fake. Priyanka is unaffected and says she didn’t lose the prize money. Sajid gets angry with Priyanka for calming that he did wrong by pressing the buzzer for Sumbul. Priyanka and Sajid argue with each other.

2:45 PM: Sajid claim Ankit will go. Shalin agrees with Sajid. Priyanka says to Sreejita that Ankit might go but she can’t send him. Priyanka and Ankit talk with each other. Ankit says to Priyanka says he would have saved her too. He asks Priyanka not to worry. Both hug each other.

5 PM: Bigg boss asks Archana what they have cooked. Archana tells the menu. Bigg boss asks everyone to gather in the garden. Stan manages to press the buzzer. Bigg boss explains the ration task. Stan gets an opportunity to distribute the ration.

He says few guests will enter the house and will do the deed. Inmates have to ignore them to complete the task. Inmates try to ignore the guests. One of them chases Shalin while eating chicken. Another one tries to distract the mandala.

5:30 PM: Shalin eats. Both the guests try to take a reaction to Shalin. Shalin sticks to his eating. One more guest tries to distract Sajid. Sajid ignores and talks with Stan and Nimrit. Stan gets an opportunity to distribute rations to the inmates.

5:45 PM: Task restart. The guest tries to distract inmates again. Archana reacts

6 PM: The third guest brings the letter from Tina’s mother. Tina tries to ignore the letter.

6:15 PM: Tina says she misses her mother.

6:30 PM: Task restarts. Sumbul gets a letter from her father. But she ignores to complete the task. Sajid claim Sumbul was reacting to the letter. Sumbul defend. Sajid bitch about Sumbul and her father. Nirmit and Shiv enjoy. Sumbul says she didn’t react. Sajid claims Sumbul reacted. Bigg boss asks Shiv to keep basket no.1 in the store room. Sumbul cries.

7 PM: Nimrit talks with Sajid, Shiv, and Stan. She says Sumbul is reacting. Sajid says all are acting to gain footage. Nimrit talks with Sumbul. Sumbul claim she didn’t react and was standing strong. She gets upset with Sajid.

Bigg Boss 16 21st December 2022 Written Episode Update

7:30 PM: Bigg boss says the task is over for the day. He asks for a ration basket to keep in the storeroom.

9 PM: Stan, Sajid, and Shiv discuss. Sajid says Ankit doesn’t do acting. Stan says the actors keep acting and take Sumbul’s name. Sajid agrees with Stan

10:30 PM: Soudnarya says to Archana that Stan is possessive of buba. Archana asks Stan how he met buba. Stan shares his first meeting with Soundarya and Archana. Nimrit asks Stan about his family’s reaction to the bigg boss’s offer. Stan and Soundarya share their reaction.

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