Bigg Boss 16 21st November 2022 Written Episode Update: Shiv new captain

Bigg Boss 16 21st November 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode started with Day 50 at 9:15 AM: Soundarya share with Archana about Priyanka. She says Priyanka didn’t trust Gautam. Soundarya says she realized Gautam didn’t hug her back while going. Archana says she too noticed. Soundarya and Archana end up claiming Gautam planned the love angle for the game.

Archana further says Tina is clever. She says Tina has 100 Shalin-like along with her. Soundarya asks Shalin as a guy what he thinks about Gautam’s actions while he was leaving. Shalin says at that moment it felt like Gautam was done with her. Soundarya asks Shalin not to discuss it further especially with Tina. Shalin assures Soundarya.

Bigg Boss 16 21st November 2022 Written Episode Update
Bigg Boss 16 21st November 2022 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 16 21st November 2022 Written Episode Update

Bigg boss informs Sumbul that her father is not well thus they are allowing her to speak to him. Touqeer Khan asks Sumbul to show Tina and Shalin their place on Nationa TV. Sumbul decides to follow her father’s instructions. She asks Mr. Khan if he is not angry with her. Mr. Khan shows he believes in Sumbul.

Bigg boss says to Sumbul that they allowed her to talk with her father under unfavorable circumstances but the talk they shared was not worthy. Sumbul apologize to Bigg boss

12:45 PM: Sumbul asks Sajid to change her room. She further asks Sajid to support her in becoming captain. Sajid asks Sumbul why she fears nomination. Sumbul says she isn’t. Sajid asks Sumbul if she doesn’t trust her fans. Sumbul salutes her fans. Sajid asks to focus on the game.

2:15 PM: Shalin and Tins talk about Sumbul. They further discuss Soundarya and Gautam. Shalin tells Tina about Soundarya asking for his review on Gautam’s reaction. Tina is surprised that Soundarya wants Shalin to talk about Gautam’s reaction.

5:45 PM: Shiv and Nimrit discuss Tina and Shalin’s relationship. They say both Tina and Shalin are doing for the game.

8:30 PM: Shalin and Soundarya discuss Tina and Shalin’s fake relationship. Soundarya says makers will take their color faces in the top 5. Archana denies.

9:15 PM: Sajid refuses to give the captaincy to Tina. Shiv discuss with Sajid about Tina and Shalin. Sajid says this week Tina will go out. Shalin and Soundarya talk with each other.

Day 51 at 8 AM: inmates wake up and sing the bigg boss anthem.

8:30 AM: Soundarya asks Shalin to give her almond milk if he wants to befriend him. Shalin goes to bring the almond milk. Priyanka laughs. Shalin asks Soundarya to finish before Tina learns about the same.

8:45 AM: Shalin tells Tina that he tricked Soundarya by mixing water in almond milk. Tina is surprised.

9 AM: Archana asks Shalin to pick the paper else the audience will think it is the script. Tina asks Archana not to talk nonsense as it is her prescription. Archana and Tina argue with each other.

9:30 AM: Tina asks Shalin not to entertain Archana. Tina calls Archana annoying. She gets angry at Shalin for entertaining Archana. Shiv asks Shalin why he is doing time passes with Archana.

9:45 AM: Shalin apologize to Tina. Tina gets angry at Shalin for not avoiding Archana. Shalin and Archana argue with each other. Soundarya asks Shalin if he fears Tina. Shalin says he fears a lot. Soundarya asks if something is brewing between them. Shalin says why she wants to know. Soundarya says that she doesn’t want to come between them.

10:15 AM: Archana and Soundarya talk about Shalin and Tina. Soundarya says she doesn’t understand why Tina wants to talk with her. Ankit says Shalin and Tina are ignored in the other group thus they want to fetch votes from their side. Soundarya agrees.

10:45 AM: Soundarya urges bigg boss to start the treadmill. She misses Gautam. Tina talks with Shiv and Stan. She says that post-Gautam left, Soundarya is after Shalin

2:30 PM: Shalin tells Tina that Soundarya was asking about their relationship status. Tina alerts Shalin about Soundarya. Shiv irritates Abdu. Abdu complains to bigg boss that Shiv and Stan are treating him like a baby. Nimrit calls Abdu. Abdu refuses to listen to Nimrit. Shalin upset Nimrit. She gets angry at Shalin for making fun of her and Abdu’s relationship. Shalin apologizes to Nimrit.

4 PM: Soundarya says Sajid pacifies Tina and Shalin. Bigg boss gathers inmates in the living room. He talks about the captaincy task. Shiv, Nimrit, and Abdu are asked to compete in the captaincy task. Bigg boss explains the captaincy task. Sajid becomes the dictator of the task.

4:15 PM: Nimrit discusses with Sajid, Stan, and Shiv and asks her to let her win the task. Sajid makes the task strategy. The task starts with Priyanka. She gives tasks to Nimrit to do pushups. Bigg boss evicts Nimrit from the task of taking out her inner ear.

4:30 PM: Archana gives tasks to Shiv to eat salt. Sajid cancels the task. Shiv takes up the challenge. He says Tina is playing from both sides. Ankit gives tasks to Abdu. Sajid helps Abdu. Ankit quit the task. Shalin, Soudarya, and Tina are asked to decide on a captain amid Shiv and Adbu. Shiv becomes the new captain of the house.

6:15 PM: Sajid asks Shiv to save Tina. Shiv decides to save Nimrit, Tina, and Shalin.

6:30 PM: bigg boss asks Shiv to choose only 2 favorites this time. Shiv chooses Nimrit and Tina. Abdu asks Ankit why he gave a task to kiss Sajid 15 times. Ankit says it was a fun task.

7:30 PM: Shiv and Archana make the task strategy. Archana gets angry at Tina and Nimrit for not covering the food in the kitchen. Archana talked with Priyanka and Ankit. She says Tina is hugging Shalin for the camera thinking the audience like such things.

11:45 PM: Nimrit and Shiv ask Tina to change her bedsheet. Tina refuses

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