Bigg Boss 16 23rd December 2022 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 16 23rd December 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode started with Salman Khan’s greeting. He discusses the extension of the show. Salman says why Bigg boss gives so much happiness and tension together. He further shows what all happened in the house. Soundarya asks Ankit to clean the laundry area else it will look odd if Salman Khan will enter the house. Shalin interrupts. Ankit decides to clean.

Soudnarya argues with Shalin over interrupting her. Both argue with each other. A verbal argument between Soudnarya and Shalin. Soundarya says Shalin is trash. She says Shalin dragged her father. Shalin argues. Soundarya says Shalin is 12th fail and she is a doctor. Archana takes Soundarya inside. Bigg boss opens BB Salon. Salman explains about the bigg boss arranging BB Salon in the house.

Bigg Boss 16 23rd December 2022 Written Episode Update

Inmates get a makeover. Inmates get excited. Salman says the bigg boss has changed both house and the inmates. He further says Ritesh Deshmukh and Genelia went inside the house. Ritesh and Genelia meet the inmates. Inmates get excited. Ritesh meets Sajid. Sajid breaks down.

Ritesh and Genelia serve vegan food to inmates. They say there is no chicken. Priyanka says to meet Ritesh, and Sajid breaks the lock. Ritesh praises current inmates for giving engaging drama. He also quoted Bigg boss involvement as maing the game more interesting.

Ritesh praises Sajid. Sajid says he never made a film without Ritesh. Ritesh shares his on-set memory with Sajid. Ritesh and Genelia promote their upcoming movie. Sajid and Ritesh turn Sajida and Rajida’s characters. Genelia gives a situation to Sajida and Rajida. Inmates enjoy when Archana and Sajida, Rajida pulls Ankit’s leg.

Genelia asks Sajida and Rajida to take out lice from Stan’s hair and itch about Shalin and Tina. Sajida and Rajida perform a task. Sajid and Ritesh dance to Mithun Chakraborty’s song. Ritesh and Genelia give compatibility test tasks to inmates. The task starts with Nimrit and Shiv. Archana and Soundarya are called next to perform the task.

Ahead, Ritesh and Genelia asked to tell who is ‘yeda’ contender. The task start with Archana and ended with Sajid. Sajid stuns everyone by calling Shiv. Genelia and Ritesh perform a group dance with inmates Tina shares with Priyanka and Ankit that Shalin has taunted her. She says she always tries to belittle her. Tina shares an incident and claims Shalin tries to put her down.

Soundarya asks Sajid if he talked with Shalin. Sajid asks about what. Saoudnarya says Shalin was threatening her and misbehaved. She decodes Shalin’s game. Salman meets inmates and lashes out at them for using abusive language in the house. He bashes Shalin and Stan for using abusive language in the show. Salman asks them to explain why their sister and mother are being abused. He asks Sajid if he uses abusive language at his house. Sajid says not really.

Salman asks Shalin and Stan if they use abusive language in the house. Shalin and Stan deny it. Salman lectured on using abusive language in the house. Stan apologizes to Salman and assures him he will not use abusive language in the house. Salman asks Stan to do whatever he wants. Shalin too apologizes to Salman.

Salman asks Shalin and Stan to recreate their verbal argument. Shalin and Stan hug each other. Salman asks Tina why she questioned Stan if he nominated her. She adds Tina thinks she is changed her personality post returning back to the house. Salman says Tina is having misconceptions about herself. Salman quote Shalin as always initiating the abuse. Shalin tries to defend. Salman refuses to listen to Shalin. Shalin apologizes on National TV.

Bigg Boss 16 23rd December 2022 Written Episode Update

Salman asks Stan he claimed he will not spare Shalin’s post going out of the house. He asks Stan to fulfill his word. Salman mocks Stan about passing a threatening statement on Shalin. Salman says Stan and Shalin are trying to be macho. He further intimates Shalin. Salman highlights Tina and says she was bothered by the nomination when it was not needed.

Salman promotes Being Human clothing. He further welcomes Ritesh and Genelia on the stage. Salman, Ritesh, and Genelia share the talk about inmates. Ritesh support Priyanka and Stan. Genelia confesses Archana is her favorite. Salman promotes Ritesh and Genelia’s upcoming movie.

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