Bigg Boss 16 24th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 16 24th November 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Day 54 at 8 AM: inmates gather to sing the bigg boss anthem.

9:15 AM: Shalin talked with Nimrit, Tina, and Sajid. He says Tina wants to become the captain and they should support her. Nimrit says Priyanka, Ankit, Soundarya, and Archana should not get a chance and she is okay with whosoever becomes one. Tina asks Sajid to give her a guarantee. Nirmit asks Tina why she doesn’t trust them.

Tina and Nimrit argue with each other. Shalin asks Nimrit if she will make Tina captain or not. Nimrit decides to perform a task. Sajid asks Tina to go and talk with Nimrit. Tina refuses to go to Nimrit. Shalin advised Tina to talk with Nimrit else it will backfire on them only. Tina decides to play individually.

Bigg Boss 16 24th November 2022 Written Episode Update
Bigg Boss 16 24th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 16 24th November 2022 Written Episode Update

9:30 AM: Nimrit talks with Shalin and says Tina never trusts her. She adds Tina wants her to commit on camera that she doesn’t want to become a captain. Shalin tries to bridge Tina and Nimrit. Nimrit and Tina talk with each other. Nimrit says whenever Tina is pissed she throws attitude at her.

Priyanka and Ankit talk with each other. She says if the dictator is from their team it will be beneficial. Priyanka doubts the same. Sajid asks Shiv to be the captain if he gets the chance. Shiv says only Abdu, Stan, and Sajid our core team.

12:15 PM: Sajid, Ankit, Shiv, and Sumbul talk about the voting system of the game. Sajid says voting plays a role in the show. He explains to Ankit

3:45 PM: bigg boss address inmates. He talks about contenders getting upset with each other for some other reason. Bigg boss talks about transparency between them and him. Bigg boss claimed he took the decision on the humanitarian ground but Mr. Khan and Sumbul misused the opportunity. Bigg boss tells to inmates about Sumbul’s father’s conversation with Sumbul.

He shows the clip of Sumbul’s father asking Sumbul to stay away from Shalin and Tina. Mr. Khan was spotted asking Sumbul to show Shalin and Tina their place on National TV. Shalin freaks out and asks Sumbul to stay away. Tina gets angry too. Sumbul tries to defend herself Tina and Shalin get angry with Sumbul. Shalin worries about his image. He gets angry at Mr. Khan for abusing her. Tina says Mr. Khan also abused her.

Sajid, Nimrit, Stan, and Tina console Shalin. Shalin decides to confront Sumbul. Nimrit tries to comfort Shalin. Shalin asks Sumbul why she sits with them despite giving a promise to her father. Sumbul tries to defend herself. Shiv, Priyanka side with Sumbul and tells her where she went wrong.

Tina says Sumbul’s father can’t handle her daughter and does character assassination of her. Tina thanks bigg boss for showing the clip. Shalin asks Sumbul to change her room. Nimrit says the interference of family members is unfair to them. Tina agrees.

Sajid asks Sumbul if she knew what her father advised and why she was sitting with Tina and Shalin. Sumbul hyperventilates. Nimrit urge bigg boss to call Sumbul to the medical room. Shalin talks with Priyanka, and Ankit and discusses Sumbul. Priyanka finds Sumbul’s father wrong.

Shiv gives his support to Sumbul. Priyanka and Sajid talk. She says Sumbul doesn’t understand her father and none can make her understand. Shalin comforted Tina. Tina accuses Touqeer Khan of using her for saving Sumbul’s respect. She freaks out on Mr. Khan for doing her character assassination. Tina says her father too can reply but he will never do that.

Tina, Shalin says Mr.Khan and Sumbul is playing game and doing planning and plotting. She salutes bigg boss for bringing up the conversation in front of them. Sumbul is called to the medical room. Nimrit asks Shalin and Tina not to argue with each other. Tina asks Shalin to stay away from her. Shalin asks Tina not to start again. Tina worries about her character. Shalin tries to

4:30 PM: Tina asks Sumbul to keep her away from her and Shalin. She asks Sumbul to tell her father the same. Sumbul defends and cries. Archana, Priyanka, and Soundarya say they break the other team. Sajid asks Sumbul to sit in a group or her father might accuse anyone. He asks her to pray that she goes out. Sumbul wishes the same. Priyanka says she is feeling bad for Sumbul and discuss it with Soundarya and Archana.

4:45 PM: Shalin confronts Sumbul if she talked with his post or before the call. Sumbul says to post the call. Sajid asks Sumbul to apologize to Tina and Shalin and part ways. Sumbul apologizes to Shalin and Tina. Shalin and Tina refuse to forgive Sumbul.

Tina asks why Sumbul was sharing a bed with Shalin. Sajid and Nimrit ask Sumbul to answer. Sumbul says she was sacred post-Shalin and Stan’s fight. Bigg boss asks Sajid about the lunch. Sajid tells Schezwan fried rice. He further explains about BB fisheries task.

5:30 PM: Bigg boss asks rooms 3, 4, and 6 to collect the fish to become the contender for the captaincy task removing Shiv, Tina, and Nimrit. Stan becomes the dictator of the task.

5:45 PM: Ankit, Priyanka, and Soundarya make the task strategy. Sajid, Shalin, Shiv, and Stan make the task strategy. The task starts with Ankit, Sumbul, and Soundarya. Shiv, Nimrit tries to block Soundarya and Ankit’s way to support Sumbul. Stan rejects Soundarya, Sumbul, and Ankit’s basket.

Bigg Boss 16 24th November 2022 Written Episode Update

In the second round, Priyanka, Ankit, and Soundarya compete against Shiv, Tina, and Nimrit. Sajid says since Archana went too thus another team is disqualified. Stan disqualified Priyanka, Ankit, and Soundarya’s baskets. He claims Archana breaks the rule.

6 PM: Nimrit, Tina, Shiv and Shalin make the task strategy.

6:15 PM: Archana and Shiv argue with each other. Sajid asks Sumbul to go and fight with Archana and he will back up her. He further gets angry with Archana. Sumbul tries to fight with Archana. Archana asks Sumbul not to argue. Sajid says Archana deserves one slap as she is poking again. Abdu, Shalin, and Tina calm Sajid. Shiv and Archana are at loggerheads.

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