Bigg Boss 16 25th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 16 25th December 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode start with Day 83 at 12:30 AM: Ankit calm Priyanka. Priyanka breaks down over Ankit’s eviction. She says she wasn’t prepared. Priyanka asks Ankit to wait a little.

Stan and Shiv asks Nimrit to stop being diplomatic. Sajid tries to talk with Ankit. Priyanka asks Sajid to leave them alone. Sajid claim task was about to tell which contender has contributed less in last 24 hours. Tina defends. Bigg boss corrects Sajid and says it wasn’t about last 24 hours.

Bigg Boss 16 25th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Priyanka says she doesn’t need anyone in the house. Ankit asks Priyanka to understand it is just a game show. Priyanka cries. Shalin helps Priyanka and gives Ankit’s jacket. He offers water to Priyanka.

Tina claim Sajid will target her in upcoming nomination. Archana says she wants to see whose shoulder Priyanka will get now to cry. She says to Soundarya that Priyanka was ruining their game. Ankit asks Priyanka to stop getting affected. Priyanka cries. Ankit asks Priyanka to understand Bigg boss decision.

Archana gets happy and dance on Ankit’s eviction. She says she wants to see whose shoulder Priyanka will catch now. Ankit asks Priyanka to play strong. Bigg boss asks Ankit to bid adieu to inmates and come out from the house. Sajid asks Priyanka to cheer up.

Archana talks with Tina, Soundarya. She says post Ankit’s eviction Priyanka’s game might turn positive. Stan calls Archana happiness. Shiv and Nimrit side Ankit.

12:45AM: Archana talks with Sajid. She says now Priyanka’s game will kick start. Priynaka give bracelet to Ankit. Ankit asks Priyanka not to play emotional. Priyanka and Ankit argues with each other. Vikas says to Ankit that he will miss him. Ankit assures to meet Vikas outside. He asks Vikas to take care of Priyanka. Ankit asks Priyanka again not to play emotionally. He asks to strong her game.

1 AM: Ankit meets everyone and walks out. Archana says to Ankit that horse will be silent now. He asks inmates not to trouble Priyanka. Ankit says outside world he is coming. Tina, Shalin asks Priyanka if she is fine. Shiv hugs Priyanka too. Stan and Nimrit pulls Shiv’s leg over for hugging Priyanka.

Shalin and Priyanka chill together. Archana and Priyanka hug each other. Archana says to Priyanka that she will realize that with Ankit’s eviction is good for her.

1:30 AM: Tina and Priyanka discuss about Archana. Priyanka says Archana was happy. Soundara and Archana says Priyanka will return back to the as Ankit is no more. Sajid and Stan discuss nomination.

1:45 AM: Stan and Sajid pull Nirmit’s leg over hesitating to take Ankit’s name in the nomination.

2:30AM: Vikas share with Tina, Shalin and Priyanka. He says mandali is planning to nominate Priyanka next. Tina says mandali has a good unity. Sreejita talk with Soudnarya and says Shalin will back stab Priyanka surely.

Day 84 at 8 AM: inmates gather to sing bigg boss anthem. Sreejita challenge Archana to fix Vikas.

10:30 AM: Vikas and Stan argue with each other. Sreejita calls Vikas brainless. Vikas call Sreejita fox. Both argue with each other. Vikas says to Sreejita that she don’t exist for him. Sajid says Vikas and Sreejit are giving entertainment. Vernal argument between Sreejita and Vikas Stan raps and entertains Tina and Vikas. He shared his latest rap. Vikas and Tina claps.

3 PM: Tina and Stan spend time. Tina tells to Stan that Shalin misbehaved with her. She says he was about to hit her. Stan says he can’t speak between Shalin and Tina. Tina says to Stan that Shalin is very manipulative.

5:15 PM: Archana and Soundarya talk with each other. Sajid share talk with Tina. He calls her people pleaser. Tina confesses she likes when people like her. Sajid says to Tina that people think she is mart but she isn’t.

8:45AM: Sumbul says to Sajid that Tina is distributing Ankit’s chicken. Shalin tells to Tina that Sumbul took chicken. Tina confronts Sumbul. Sajid asks Tina to take from the plate. Tina gets irked. Tina calls Sumbul dumb.

Sajid asks Sumbul if she love Fahmaan. Sumbul says to Sajid that she love Fahmaan. Sajid and Stan pulls Sumbul’s leg. Sumbul says Fahmaan is like her brother.

Day 85 at 10:15 AM: Tina refuses to prepare breakfast and claim she is not fine. Soundarya says all will cook for themselves. Nimrit and Archana refuse to do their duty too.

10:30 AM: Shalin and Tina hug each other. Sajid and Priyanka discuss about Ankit. Sajid says Anit is made for bigger thing. Priyanka says without Ankit her routine has changed. Soundarya and Archana discuss about Shalin. Soudnarya claim Shalin has threatened her. Archana says Shalin is fake. Soundarya calls Shalin actor.

12:30 PM: Shalin asks Archana to cook roti for him. Archana says to Shalin that Sumbul is doing kitchen duty. Shalin asks Sumbul to cook roti and chicken for him. Sumbul agree. Nimrit asks Sajid not to stop Sumbul from talking with Shalin as she wants to do. Shekhar Suman celebrates Christmas with inmates. He host and roast inmates in his bigg bulletin segment. Inmates enjoys.

6:15 PM: Vikas imitates Shalin’s walk. Nimrit talk with Shiv and says Priyanka and Shalin burned on her comment. Shalin says now Nimrit will nominate him and Priyanka.

6:30 PM: Vikas talk with Archana and Shalin. He disclose about Shiv’s real personality. Vikas disclosed Shiv’s past to Archana. Archana claim Sajid is connecting her name with Archana. Vikas decode Sajid and Shiv’s game. Archana decide to confront Archana.

6:45 PM: Archana confront Sajid about linking her name with Shiv Vikas tell to Priyanka, Tina and Shalin that Shiv bite his BB Marathi co-contender in the show. Sajid and Stan plead Sumbul to read her father’s poetry. Sajid makes fun of Sumbul’s poetry.

8 PM: Archana confront Shiv about bitting his BB Marathi contender in the game. Shiv explains to Archana. Bigg boss asks Shiv not to justify and gather everyone in the living room. He confronts Vikas about bringing outside talk. Vikas defends himself.

8:30 PM: Archana and Sreejita talk with each other about Vikas. Sreejita says to Archana that Vikas is trying to divide and rule.

8:45 PM: Abdu returns back. Inmates get excited. Abdu hugs Shiv.

9 PM: Nirmit and Sajid say Abdu is avoiding them. Sajid says Abdu’s team might have asked him to stay away. Abdu learns about Ankit’s nomination from Shiv and Stan.

Bigg Boss 16 25th December 2022 Written Episode Update

9:15 PM: Sajid talks with Abdu, Shiv and Stan. He claim Abdu is cold towars him and Nimrit. Sajid says Abdu’s team might have asked. Abdu defends himself. Tina reads licious treat for female contenders of the house.

11:30 PM: Soundarya and Nimrit get emotional. Nimrit claim Abdu has turned cold towards her. Nimrit share with Sreejita that she lost a friend.

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