Bigg Boss 16 7th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 16 7th November 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode started with Day 36 at 8:45 PM: Gautam tells to Soundarya that she wouldn’t have seen a crazy lover like him. Abdu, Shiv, Tina, Gori, and Sajid make fun of Soundarya and Gautam’s closeness. Gautam demands a kiss from Soundarya. Soundarya gives a cheek kiss to Gautam. Shiv and Abdu imitate Soundarya and Gautam.

9 PM: Nimrit tells to Stan not to worry as they are with him. Abdu asks Stan why he isn’t talking. Nimrit, Shiv, Sajid, and Abdu group hug Stan. Sajid asks Stan what is bothering him.

Bigg Boss 16 7th November 2022 Written Episode Update

9:30 PM: Gori asks Stan why he is so sad. Stan says everyone is fake out here. He says he wants to go out. Stan says he can’t act fake

Bigg Boss 16 7th November 2022 Written Episode Update

10:30 PM: Priyanka asks Sumbul to equally distribute vegetables and chapatti. Nimrit gets offended. Priyanka asks Nirmit not to interrupt as she isn’t talking with her.

10:45 PM: Tina says Priyanka was targeting Shiv for the food. Nimrit and Priyanka argue with each other over food. Priyanka claims footage of Nimrit interrupting as she was talking with Tina. Nimrit claim Priyanka was targeting her. Verbal argument happens between each other. Both call each other cheap. Nimrit says she will slap Priyanka. Priyanka says Nimrit’s real face is coming out. Gori cries. Soundarya and Gautam console Gori.

11:45 PM: Shalin, Shiv, Shalin, Archana, Abdu, Tina, and Nimrit celebrate Ankit’s birthday. Gautam, Priyanka, and Soundarya clean the dishes. Priyanka claims not to please Ankit but to make her feel jealous that others are celebrating his birthday.

Day 37 at 8 AM: inmates wake up and sing the bigg boss anthem.

8:30 AM: Sajid asks Shiv if Nirmit had a fight with Priyanka. Shalin and Nimrit discuss Priyanka. They say Priyanka is turning cheaper each week. Sajid and Shiv say Ankit is suppressed because of Priyanka.

9 AM: Gori asks Stan to speak up. Sajid asks Gori to leave Stan alone. Priyanka share with Gautam that Ankit was celebrating with Shiv, Nimrit, Shalin, and others. Gautam asks Priyanka to step back for a while.

9:45 AM: Sajid asks Gori to take his permission before giving stuff to another person. He accuses Gori of giving Soundarya, and Gautam their room ration. Sajid gets angry when Gori defends herself. Sajid asks Shiv, and Stan, to throw Gori out of the house. Gori and Sajid, Shiv argue with each other.

Soundarya side Gori. Archana asks Priyanka what is happening. Priyanka tells Sajid is accusing Gori of stealing food from their room. Sajid asks Gori not to misbehave with him

10 AM: Sajid decides to give away ration from his room. Shiv and Ankit console Sajid. Sajid calls Gori a thief.

10:15 AM: Shiv and Tina hug each other. Shalin sees Tina and Shiv. Abdu does mast with Shiv

10:30 AM: Ankit asks Priyanka what is the matter. Priyanka complained to Ankit about not taking a stand for her. She says she doesn’t expect anything from him.

10:45 AM: Priyanka asks Stan what is bothering her. Stan says others are doing wrong with Gori. He demands Priyanka take Gori’s side. Priyanka makes Stan understand that Gori is strong in herself. Stan says everyone is fake.

11 AM: Soundarya returns besan to Gori. Gori and Shiv argue with each other.

11:15 AM: Gori asks Stan to eat. Stan refuses to eat. Priyanka talks with Archana and Gautam and says Stan wants to side with Gori but he is feeling helpless for unknown reasons. Tina tells Shalin that she can’t take a risk on her character by getting involved with him. Shalin announces his friendship with Tina Tina gets jealous of Sumbul for wearing Shalin’s jacket. Shalin says he will not give Sumbul his jackets anymore.

1:30 PM: Nimrit talks with Abdu. She says she wants to punch Priyanka, Archana, and Soundarya.

1:45 PM: Sajid tells to Abdu that Nimrit likes him as a friend.

2 PM: Stan confesses to his bigg boss that he can’t survive among fake people. Bigg boss says how he can be sure outside people he is in contact with are all real. Stan says he threw out a fake person from his life. Bigg’s boss makes Stan understand what is bothering him. Stan understands bigg boss

2:45 PM: Sajid asks Stan to choose his company wisely. Archana and Gori discuss Sajid. She advises Ankit and Gori to see everyone as their competitor because at the end of the day only two will be in the race to lift the trophy.

3:30 PM: Ankit and Priyanka talk with each other. Priyanka complained to Ankit about not taking a stand for her. She asks Ankit to make other friends.

4:30 PM: bigg boss explain the weekly ration task.

6:45 PM: Stan is asked to choose between Gori and Shiv and deliver the ration. Stan is perplexed. Stan decides to deliver Shiv’s ration

7:15 PM: Archana tells to Gori that Shiv will bite Stan one day. Bigg boss exposes Archana. Later, Gautam, Soundarya, and Archana laugh at Gori for crying for Stan.

7:30 PM: Sumbul delivers Sajid’s ration. Tina gets angry with Sumbul for calling her bossy. She calls Sumbul fake. Shalin, Nimrit, and Tina discuss Sumbul. Ahead, Gori delivers Priyanka’s ration and sends back Archana’s. Tina confronts Sumbul about her bossy comment. Shalin gets angry with Sumbul for betraying Tina. Sumbul decides not to talk with Shalin.