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Bigg Boss OTT 14th September 2021 Written Update

Bigg Boss OTT 14th September 2021 Written Update
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Bigg Boss OTT 14th September 2021 Written Update: Bigg Boss OTT The show never fails to impress the audience with interesting drama

Day 37 8 AM
Everyone wakes up dancing on shut up and dance. Neha hugs Pratik.

9 AM
Nishant asks Raqesh how are you? He says okay. He says don’t get bothered. This won’t tarnish your image. People who are saying things about you must be loving you. It requires courage to deal with this kind of torture and handle it the classy way. You say things where you have to. And what Karan said, it’s a topic.

Your intention wasn’t as per your words. Even if I wasn’t there, that topic would have been raised. You have done more than Divya, Shamita, and Neha. You haven’t only shouted. So don’t get your morale down in the last 6 days. Divya hugs him. She says to be in that attitude where you don’t care. Nishant says this Pratik will now shout, laugh at him.

Bigg Boss OTT 14th September 2021 Written Update

1:45 PM
Divya reads you all have made a place in the finale week. From here, Bigg Boss wishes you good luck. Bigg Boss is giving you a task freeze release. Shamita says no. No family. Divya says the inmates will be given two orders. The first is freeze. When Bigg Boss says freeze, you all have to freeze. When Bigg Boss says the release, only then you can move.

This task will test your patience. Bigg Boss hopes you will do it with all your heart. Divya says anyone can come. Family, ex-contestants.. We don’t have to move. Bigg Boss says, Freeze. Everyone freezes. Bigg Boss says the release. Divya says thank God.

Bigg Boss OTT 14th September 2021 Written Update

2:45 PM
Neha hugs Pratik. Bigg Boss says freeze. Shamita says look at Neha and Pratik. Nishant says Bigg Boss froze because of that. Neha’s sister comes. She says don’t move. Bigg Boss says Neha release, she runs to her sister and kisses her through the glass. Neha says how am I doing? Her sister says very well. Neha says am I misbehaving a lot? She laughs. Neha asks how is Sameer? Her sister says she’s fine. Neha asks is he mad? Her sister says no. She says we have good news. He has gone to get house’s delivery. Neha says don’t you miss me? She says we all do. We get upset when you are sad here. Neha cries. Her sister says don’t make that face. Neha laughs.

Neha says how are my friends looking at her? Her sister says you all look like a family. Neha says I like all of them. Her sister says yes she likes all people. Even Divya, she’s just playing. You all are doing a fabulous job. Thank you Shamita and Pratik for being her backbone. For her family and friends are strengths. Nishant you’re playing so well. You are brilliant. Sameer says you have been trained through Bigg Boss Academy.

Divya, you have played so well. You did it all alone and came here. Raqesh you deserve a very big hug. Neha says ask him to play. She says he’s playing. Neha says stop being a coward. Neha says he’s my friend. Her sister says Raqesh is doing okay. Bigg Boss says Neha freeze. She freezes. Her sister says Sameer loves you, he is missing you a lot. We all miss you. He will tell you how he feels when you come.

Bigg Boss says Neha release. Neha gets emotional. She says is Sam angry with me? Her sister says no. Does Neha say he only said loves me? He didn’t ask how am I doing? Her sister says he watches it for 20 hours. He supports you. Bigg Boss says Neha freeze. Bigg Boss says Rashi you have to go now. She says thank you. I loved coming here. A lot of love to all of you. She leaves. Neha cries.

Big Boss releases everyone. Pratik hugs her. Shamita hugs Neha. Divya says is she elder? She looks young. Neha says she’s four years older. Divya says she looks 20 years younger. Neha laughs. Pratik hugs Neha. Neha says she said thank you to you and Shamita. She knows I can’t do anything without support and love. Raqesh asks how do you feel? She says weird and unreal. Raqesh hugs her. Raqesh says we could hear it inside. Neha says have fun here. Raqesh says hug me on her behalf. Neha hugs him. She says she might have a mini crush on you. My sister is naughty. Shamita and Raqesh laugh. Neha says just believe in yourself.

3:15 PM
Divya says he’s gonna freeze us again. Pratik says I am worried. It’s going on in my head. Divya gives him tea. Pratik says what should I eat? Divya says you keep eating.

3:45 PM
Nishant says Shamita will you attack my face? Weren’t words enough? He gets on the table. Bigg Boss says freeze. Everyone laughs at him. Eesha (Raqesh’s niece comes in). She cries. Bigg Boss releases Raqesh. Eesha cries and says we all miss you so much. You’re so good. He says, am I? She says last night was so difficult for all of us. We all wanted to break the screen and hug you. You’re doing great. Don’t doubt yourself. You’re playing it in a human way. I am only here to tell you that you are our hero. Raqesh gets emotional. She says we all saw what happened and we know what you meant. It wasn’t what people portrayed.

You add to our strength and you’re raised by the two strongest women we know. Everyone is loving you because you are being you. Mama is working, Aaji has recovered. I want to thank Divya. Thank you for bringing out his real self. He is himself when you’re around. Shamita thank you so much. You’ve been wonderful. You’ve supported him a lot. You were with him yesterday too and we love you for that. We know you have true connections here. You’re true to yourself and you’re honest. Nishant uncle, I can see you. Amazing game. We will catch up when you come out. You make nice chapati.

Bigg Boss OTT 14th September 2021 Written Update

Eesha says to Raqesh your mom said Divya is taking care of your food, so she wanted to thank her. For her, it’s very important that you take care of yourself. Just play the game everyone and doesn’t twist the words that it becomes an attack. Nishant says I felt like giving up. She says be yourself. Play the game. You have been through worse. You have to complete this challenge. We are so proud of you. Raqesh says thank you. She says everyone is wishing good for you. We feel helpless that we can’t do anything.

Raqesh says I was missing Aaba. She says yesterday? Raqesh says yeah. I was missing him so badly. He always told me to have a spine. He was so strong. Eesha says Aaba is seeing. He understands. Sometimes silence speaks louder than words. Bigg Boss says Raqesh freeze. He asks Eesha to leave. Eesha says be strong and take care. I hope I am leaving you with strength and positivity. Raqesh says see you soon. Eesha leaves. Raqesh gets teary.

Bigg Boss releases everyone. Shamita hugs him. Neha says your niece is so wise. Neha hugs him. Divya hugs Shamita. Nishant hugs Raqesh. Raqesh hugs Divya and says thank you. She says I know you’re like that. I got to know. He kisses her hand and says thank you.

4:30 PM
Nishant says the letter came from in-laws and the two witches became friends. Divya and Shamita laugh. Neha says why did you leave this flour here? Nishant says anapurna kept it. Everyone laughs at how Divya was drowned. Neha says Shamita was like this dare to drown me. Then Raqesh was like Divya you die.. you die.

I can’t drown her. Everyone laughs. Neha says then Divya cleaned her face like this and she said it’s okay Raqesh I can take this to save you from Shamita. Nishant says will this guy get both girls home? Divya says my guy came yesterday. Neha says he isn’t here. There’s only one here for both. Nishant says he’s laughing there are two kanyas after him. Neha says he might want me to. He might want all the radhas around him.

Shamita says I feel like I just woke up with the coffee. Raqesh says really? Shamita says yeahhhh. Everyone laughs at her yeah.

5:15 PM
Bigg Boss freezes everyone. Pratik’s sister comes in. She says you’re doing great. He cries. She says please don’t cry. Bigg Boss releases Pratik. He says why didn’t mom come? She says it was decided last moment. He asks how are you? She says I am fine. Pratik cries. She says don’t cry. I don’t like seeing you cry. He says I couldn’t even see the letter. She says don’t cry. You know how I am but I am being strong.

It’s mama’s dream that you win. Everyone is playing well. Everyone is nice. Neha says hi. She says there are fights in every house. She says to give your best. He says is there anything I should fix? She says there are thin lines, just respect them. He says it’s only friendship. She says there are boundaries in everything. Just that. Everyone loves you. You are doing amazing. Don’t get emotional and play for yourself. This is last week. The friendship and emotions will continue outside too. The emotions shouldn’t come in between the game.

Bigg Boss OTT 14th September 2021 Written Update

Her sister says Shamtia thank you for taking a stand for him. Neha and Nishant, thank you for being there for him. She says Divya, you called me like me. But we will meet outside and I will tell you what’s the difference between us. You both can sort what’s between you two. She says to Pratik don’t get weak with emotions. He cries. Bigg Boss freezes Pratik. He says I miss mummy. She says just remember that there are boundaries. Prerna says Neha we laugh looking at you all the time. You’re fun. Raqesh I always liked you. I will meet you even if you don’t meet him. We will both beat Pratik together. Bigg Boss says Prerna time for you to leave. She says take care. He says you too. She leaves. She leaves. Pratik cries.

Bigg Boss releases everyone. Pratik says I thought mom would come. Neha hugs her and says she’s so cute. Shamita says he really is a baby. Shamita hugs him and says don’t cry. Nishant and Neha hug Pratik. Raqesh hugs him too. Divya says your sister is pretty. He says less than me. Nishant teases Divya. Neha says to Pratik she was right. Emotions should make you strong, not weak. There are people who love and support you.

Divya says I never called him my brother. Nishant says take everything as pride. I see your journey. Let it be. Divya says it wasn’t right. He says everyone won’t call you Anapurna. She says just don’t say anything. Varun didn’t say anything and to Pratik.

7:15 PM
Bigg Boss freezes everyone. Shamita’s mom comes in. Bigg Boss releases her. Shamita runs to her. she cries. She says I miss you so much. Her mom says people are calling you the queen. We are all proud of you. They are all doing good. Shamita says don’t cry. She says I can’t wait to see you in bed sleeping happily. Shamita says have I done anything wrong? She says you have done amazing. You’re trending all the time.

She says Neha loves you. I wish I could hug you. She says Raqesh, you’re doing very well. I love the quality that you retain yourself and don’t shout. Shamita asks how is Jeju? Is he out? Her mom says all is good outside. Everything is fine. Shamita says have I done anything wrong? Her mom says the words that you used against Nishant were wrong. But you apologized to everyone. So it shouldn’t be brought up over and over again.

Her mom says Divya you’re playing a good game. She says I love seeing your work in the house Shamita. You don’t do anything at home. She says Nishant is a sweet knife. She says Raqesh you’re staying put. Play your game. She says we are strong women and I want you to stay that way. Ups and downs are a part of life. Shamita asks how is Shilpa? She says everyone is okay. We miss you a lot. I am not crying. Shamita asks how is Raqesh? She says he’s sweet and a gentleman. Shamita says I love you. She leaves.

Bigg Boss releases everyone. Raqesh hugs Shamita. Shamita says I so needed this positivity. Neha hugs her. Pratik and Nishant hug her too. Divya says I hope she won’t hit me when I go out. Shamita laughs and hugs her. Bell rings. Shamita runs to the room. She has a gift. It’s modak. Shamita says thank you, mama.

Bigg Boss OTT 14th September 2021 Written Update

6:15 PM
Pratik asks Neha what happened? She says nothing. He says you look different. She says you overreact. He says you’re not talking. She says I am worried about the consequences of the way we have behaved. The message your sister has given was half-hearted. It wasn’t a good one. Neha says it was coming from a fact that I am not a single girl. We all care at the end of the day. Your sister was very vocal about it. I have been misunderstood by everyone including our families. Pratik says you’re taking it too extreme. I want to say something. Neha says no.. He says lookup. Pratik says I have had very few girls who have were my friends. I have never have a friend like you outside too. I want to keep it that way. You are mad and crazy. You’re crazy and I love it.

6:45 PM
Neha says Raqesh you want to make a connection with this girl who does so much pho pho. Shamita shoves her and says put it back. Bigg Boss freezes them. Neha, Shamita, and Raqesh laugh. Raqesh is under Neha. Raqesh says my balls are hurting now. Bigg Boss releases everyone. Everyone laughs.

8:30 PM
Nishant says to Neha what would you have done if you met him 6 years younger/ She says I would have eaten him. Pratik says what do you mean? Neha says ask him. Pratik says you tell me. She says I would have dated you. Nishant asks Pratik. He says I am going to eat. Hold that thought. Neha says such a coward. Pratik comes back. Nishant says answer it. Nishant asks if she weren’t married what would you do? He says we would have.. dated.

10:30 PM
Neha says now you know why Shamita and Raqesh speak English. Their families speak English. No one speaks English in my house. Divya says I was thinking Bigg Boss will ask her to speak in English. Neha says she would say don’t tell me what to do Bigg boss. Shamita asked am I, bossy mamma? She would say that’s the way we are. Neha says their mummy says Sunnan wants what she wants. Bigg Boss doesn’t tell me what I want. Everyone laughs.

11:30 PM
Bigg Boss freezes everyone. A guy comes in and says hello to Shamita, Raqesh, and Nishant. You’re not even saying hi back? So much attitude? He says Big Boss release him. Bigg Boss releases Nishant. Nishant runs to him and laughs. He says came after the shoot? He says yes. He says I am so proud of you. You’re amazing. I am so happy. You handled everything well. You have never lost your cool and love you for that. Nishant says I told you I should be in Bigg Boss. His friend says your followers increased and you are verified.

Nishant dances. He says I wanted a blue tick only. Everyone laughs. Nishant dances. Nishant asks how are Maash and Deepak? He says I got messages from everyone. Your parents wrote they watch it every day. Go get it all the way. They said best of luck to Raqesh. Ankita said love you my boy. Mashka I am so proud of you. When you come out I will keep the fridge full of things you love. Nishant laughs. He says we all are so proud of you. First choreographers is here. From our breed. You made us proud.

Bigg Boss OTT 14th September 2021 Written Update

He says Pratik you were very irritating at the start but you are amazing. You are friends with Nishant. Thank you. He says Neha you’re doing very well. He says Shamita, I know you handle everything under pressure. He says Raqesh you are a very good person. Divya you’re very strong. Sometimes I don’t get things you do but I love you all.

People are loving you. He says Nishant I am so happy for you. Bigg Boss freezes Nishant. He says you are the best in this show. Keep your focus. Give your best. May the best person wins but for me, Nishant should win. He leaves. Nishant dances and hugs Shamita. Everyone hugs Nishant.

12 AM
Bigg Boss the audience is happy with today’s performance. Everyone says yayyy.

Neha says this house is mad. Raqesh says we will have 4 days. Neha says we have become thick-skinned. Raqesh says everyone is happy and nice to each other. Tomorrow if there’s a task see. Neha says Bigg Boss will incite it. Raqesh says everyone will fight. I am done with fights. Shamita says stop saying that. he says can you just stay quiet when I say something? Shamita says to me?

He says, everyone. Neha says he’s saying to you. She throws a cushion at him. Shamita says don’t talk to me like that. That’s not humor. No one talks to me like that. Raqesh says don’t throw chappals at me. No one throws chappals at me. She says don’t speak like that. Raqesh says I will.

Shamita takes Raqesh outside and says please don’t disrespect me on national TV. He says you also threw a slipper. Let’s not fight. She says I am not. He says you have to chill about it. She says listen, please. He says I don’t want to talk. You should take things lightly. It was fun. She says it wasn’t. She says why have you become a punching bag? He says why am I your punching bag? Raqesh says why are you reacting to this? She says you are nice to everyone but me. He says it’s just in your head. She says now Karan will say the same thing that’s insulting to me. He says don’t take everything seriously.

Bigg Boss OTT 14th September 2021 Written Update

2:30 AM
Raqesh says why do you take everything so seriously? I need a chill-out person. Please understand that. I joke and prank. She says I have no issues like that. Raqesh says then sort it out. She says there is something else that is bothering me. I don’t wanna express it right now. He says take your time. We are friends. You react a lot and I don’t like it. She says is there anything you like about me? He says I like you as a person.

If you want smooth sailing between us? We have to work on it. She says I am just saying, as someone who likes you, you choose to sit with someone else more than me. I only observe it. He says it’s just last week. I am talking to everyone. For me, Divya is a good friend. I get along with her. I won’t react if I don’t like your friends. She says I am just observing things. He says we are good friends. Let’s keep it that way. Til the show end. shamita says okay.

2:45 AM
Divya says to Pratik didn’t Prerna see we have started talking? He says I don’t know. She says I accept I have said things but so have you. Everyone has spoken about each other. I wanted to talk to you but I couldn’t even speak to you. Things I said even in a rickshaw, I meant it. Pratik says like Neha is there, she has supported me here.

I can’t be dishonest with her. Moose was also with me. I was hurt after what she said. I am completely neutral with you now. She says we can start afresh. He says no one wants to fight in the last 6 days. Just be happy. She hugs him. Divya says I am sorry to Prerna and you. Pratik says it’s okay.

3:15 AM
Pratik says Nishant asked if we met earlier would we date? I would. I run away from relationships. My heart is broken many times but I said I will date. I told Akshara I will marry you. He laughs. Neha says you said such a stupid thing. Don’t touch me. Don’t try to make me like your answer. He says I am being honest. She says good night. Why should I like your answer? Neha leaves.

Bigg Boss OTT 14th September 2021 Written Update

3:30 AM
Neha says the point is you and I know the truth. What I said, I said it with my heart. You are comparing it with the joke you did with Akshara? Then play the game tomorrow. I didn’t like what you said. He says do you understand jokes? She says when I am asking something serious you joke? You said I would have dated? What am I? Trash. You could just say we would stay friends. Don’t act like I might have done.

Don’t become friends if you don’t respect them. He says you don’t listen and you scream. Neha says I felt bad. He says I won’t care. She says yeah you don’t. Pratik says did you listen? Neha says you don’t care right? I take it. Pratik says listen. She says from tomorrow I won’t care. I don’t wanna be friends. She leaves. Pratik laughs. Neha says I feel very bad.

4:45 AM
Pratik says to Neha stop it. She hugs him. Neha says go sleep now. Relax. He says I didn’t want to make you feel bad. Neha says it felt bad. Pratik says I didn’t mean it that way. Neha says I move on if I feel bad. Pratik says I don’t wanna hear all this. I am not even saying what you perceive? I am emotionally connected to you. You should just leave and sleep. There’s no point of talking. You want to perceive something in a bad way.

She says if you want to end this friendship let’s do that? He says I had an emotional connection with you. she says you get hyper. he says so did you? Neha says I don’t wanna talk about it. I will be able to explain when I go out. You say rubbish things. We are both uneasy. Take responsibility. He says I am. Neha hugs him. Bigg Boss OTT 14th September 2021 Written Update.

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