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Bigg Boss OTT 1st September 2021 Written Update

Bigg Boss OTT 1st September 2021 Written Update
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Bigg Boss OTT 1st September 2021 Written Update: Bigg Boss OTT The show never fails to impress the audience with interesting drama.

Day 24

08:00 AM

The inmates wake up to the song Money Heist song. Pratik dances in front of the mirror and Nishant dances in the Garden.

08:45 AM

Nishant asks him to do it his way. He says that it can’t be about her all the time, he is still talking noble but she called him irritating and asked him to fuck off. He says it’s not fair. Moose cries laying on her bed. Pratik comes to her. He asks her to make him miss her. He asks her to chill and let it go.

Bigg Boss OTT 1st September 2021 Written Update

10:00 AM

Nishaht tells Akshara that he is becoming emotionless. He says that he has never spent much time with his parents after one point in time. He says he fulfills his responsibilities all the time. He says that he never regretted tearing the letter. He says that he doesn’t understand why it’s happening. He says he doesn’t understand where he is lost. He says that he doesn’t understand and stops. Akshara asks him to say. He says that he has made his heart cold. He says that he doesn’t like to cry ahd he never shows his emotional side to others.

Bigg Boss OTT 1st September 2021 Written Update

10:15 AM

Shamita asks for Raqesh and Neha says he is with Divya. Neha says that she scolds him a lot ahd at times he is irritating. Pratik says that he is becoming innocent ahd doing things.

12:00 PM

Moose tells Pratik that she is genuinely saying that they act weird. She says that they look like boyfriend and girlfriend. She says that it’s a different phase of her life. Pratik says he never gets comfortable with everyone and he is getting comfortable with her. Moose says that at the end she would say that it’s okay if she doesn’t care what others say ahd be herself.

02:15 PM

Bigg Boss says that after yesterday’s nomination round Shamitha, Millind, Nishant, and Akshara. He asks Neha and Pratik to save one of the contestants. He asks them to say whom they want to save. Neha tells Pratik that she can’t do this. Pratik asks her to understand. Neha asks him how can he be soo sure that Nishaht won’t leave.

Neha tells him that Shamitha needs to know she has someone. She says she also likes Nishant and she feels like there is a balance ahd she can’t break her friendship with Shamita. Pratik tells her that he doesn’t want others to think that he is not giving priority to his friends. Neha asks to save Shamitha. He asks her to understand.

02:30 PM

Pratik tells that he has one reason. Neha says she can’t do this and can’t see herself in the mirror. Pratik says he doesn’t want her friends to break. Neha says that they are saving Shamitha. Bigg Boss says that the nomination task is over. He says that Divya, Nishant, Millind, and Akshara are nominated.

The audience will save the contestant they want. Nishanth leaves from there. Shamitha comes to Neha and kisses her cheek. Raqesh hugs Nishaht from behind. Shamitha apologizes to Pratik saying it would have been difficult for him. Moose cries to save Nishant. Neha hugs Pratik. Moose again asks to save Nishant.

03:00 PM

Nishaht asks Neha to leave when she goes to him. Neha tells Shamitha that Pratik wanted to save Nishanth. She tells her that she can’t meet her eyes if she goes with his decision. Shamitha says that Nishant is behaving immaturely. Moose cries.

03:30 PM

Moose cries sitting alone and Nishant comes to her. He asks her to look at him. He tells her that he is going to Kashmir. He tries to make her smile. She says it’s not fair. He says there is nothing fair here. Moose says that he has said he needs space as if she never gives him space. She expected him to come and talk like he does. She says he was rude.

They both argue and he asks her to listen to him. He kisses her on her cheek. Nishant asks her whether it would matter to him if he leaves. She says he deserves to be here. He says it’s destiny and if he has to stay still here then he will be. He hugs her.

03:45 PM

Shamitha asks Raqesh whether there is no task today and that’s why she is eating a lot today. Shamitha says that she is perfectly fine on her bed. She asks why all the men like this.

Bigg Boss OTT 1st September 2021 Written Update

04:00 PM

Neha asks Shamitha to say. She says that he is saying from yesterday that she is critical and that’s why did she save him sacrificing. She says there is a reason she is alone. She says that he is critical of her. Neha leaves from there. Raqesh asks her what did he do. She asks him to stop him. She says she is critical and he is scared of her. He says that he was kidding. She says he is being critical from day one.

04:30 PM

Neha asks Pratik aw to what did he want from Bigg Boss. She asks him to ask his heart what he is doing. She says that he won’t take anyone home. She says it is different for both of them. She says he is weak. She relies on him emotionally. Pratik asks her whether he had made the right choice individually.

Neha says she felt that was the right decision. Nishant tells Moose that if he goes out the guilt will kill people and he will still come if he leaves. Pratik comes to them but he ignores him asking him not to say anything. Nishanth says that whoever taken the decision would have thought about it. Nishant says he is not asking for an explanation. He says that he is friends with both of them. He says elimination matters to him.

05:00 PM

Neha asks Raqesh whether she can talk. He asks her to have one point of view. She says he can’t. He says it’s good to be black and white and they can’t make friends that way. They can’t lose their sanity over it.

05:30 PM

Bigg Boss says that the time for the audience’s decision is over and the audience chose to save Nishant. Moose and Pratik hug him. He says that Divya, Millind, and Akshara are nominated. Neha hugs him too and places a kiss on his cheek.

06:00 PM

Nishaht gives a plate to Raqesh asking him to eat. Moose sings a song for them. Raqesh eats it and thanks to him. Moose says she also cares for him and he feeds her. He feeds Nishaht as well. Moose and Nishant hug him.

06:15 PM

Divya reads out that it’s time for new captains. She reads that there is a clock in the garden but there are no pins in it. The connections will become the pins. The connections except for Divya will participate in the task. Whoever completes the 36 minutes on the clock is the winner. He hopes for the connections to play well.

07:30 PM

Bigg Boss says that the first connection to start the task is Akshara and Millind. The buzzer comes and Millind becomes the pin. Pratik and Neha try to distract them. Pratik tells Nishant that Akshara has said that he is becoming Neha’s connection because he wants to climb the ladder of success. He tells her that she is more famous than Neha. Pratik keeps on his try to distract him.

He tries to provoke him. Nishant tries to distract Millind and says that Karan has come into his dreams and told him that he misses him. He keeps on his try to distract him. Everyone join him in distracting him. Neha moves her ass trying to distract him. Akshara pulls Pratik’s cheek. Millind completes the task.

Bigg Boss OTT 1st September 2021 Written Update

07:15 PM

Bigg Boss says that the next connection is Nishant and Moose. Moose becomes the pin in the clock. Nishant walks around the clock while Shamitha tries to distract him. Millind reads the rules of the task. Neha ahd Millind pretends like fighting to distract them. Neha says that Nishaht has a sexy ass but can’t touch it. She says he will beat her as he is angry with her. Moose and Nishant complete the task successfully.

08:15 PM

Moose places a kiss on his cheek. Moose asks him not to make such big statements. They heat the buzzer sound. This time it’s Shamitha and Raqesh. Raqesh gets on the clock. Akshara tries to distract them. Nishaht tells Moose that if they were to play single then he will think about himself before her. Nishanth says he was happy yesterday when he was not talking with her. Pratik and Neha try to distract them by saying about their age. Pratik praises her beauty. Millind joins him.

Neha says that she is making the connection with her connection. Millind asks Neha whether she needs his shoulder. Neha moans in Shamitha’s ears and she laughs. Nishant comes with Moose and tries to distract them. He makes comments on their connection. Raqesh and Shamitha laugh. Nishant asks Shamitha to hold his forwarded hand. She tries to kiss his hand. He tells her that he will feed her gluten-free chapati. They complete their task successfully.

09:00 PM

Bigg Boss says that it’s time for the next connection and this time Pratik ahd Neha start their game. Neha gets on the board and she asks him to calm down. Moose and Pratik try to distract her. Akshara says that the strong one doesn’t need to prove themselves. Akshara tells her that she had trust in her. She says she won’t be a human too. Moose asks Divya to distract them and she says she has not seen her doing anything.

Nishant and Divya argue. She asks why she comes to fight with her. Neha cries as Millind and Akshara distract her. Divya says that the cotton idea was her. Moose says that Pratik has said don’t say sorry. Moose shouts at Divya to which she says that she will sit with Pratik later. Akshara tries to distract Pratik. Nishant tries to distract Neha. Nishanth says that she has created an issue with his friend. They complete the task.

09:45 PM

Bigg Boss says that with this the task for captaincy ends. He says that now it’s time to say the time they took. He says the times of the connections. He announces Moose and Nishant have become the winners. Divya hugs them. Neha and Pratik hug him as well. Nishaht and Moose roll on the clock.

10:00 PM

Bigg Boss says that it’s time for their report card. He says that the 24*7 Live audience are happy with their performance because of which there won’t be the effect on their tomorrow. The contestants thank the audience.

10:30 PM

Shamitha asks Raqesh to say his point of view to which he says that he is always misunderstood. He says that it hurt him the most when she said that she tore the letter for him. He says that he doesn’t have anything to do with the show. He says that he is very hurt by whatever happened. He says that he is the wrong connection for her. He says that he will still stand by her and choose her. Shamitha asks what does he mean by when he said that he doesn’t like it when someone controls him. Shamitha tells him that she only stopped him from taking with Divya.

She says she has spoken to Nishant because of him. She says that he has said things that have hurt her. She says that she told him that she has torn the letter because she wants to prove that she is not that selfish. She says that she never played a game with him and she let him touch and kiss her because of it. She says that the men she was with never made her feel special. She went into her self-preservation mode because of it.

She tells him that all this doesn’t matter to her and they won’t play the task tomorrow. She says she just said not to talk with Divya, she has her own way of showing her Love. Raqesh tells her that he doesn’t care for Divya. Shamitha tells him that no one is perfect. Shamitha tells him that she won’t play the game from tomorrow. She says that he has made the judgment about her that she is scribbling and controlling. He asks why did she have to say this. Shamitha asks whether she is supposed to go with what he says. He asks her not to stay connected with him and Shamitha saying the same leaves from there.

Bigg Boss OTT 1st September 2021 Written Update

10:45 PM

Raqesh tells Nishant his heart. He says that he won’t want to do all this. Nishant asks why he is getting bothered with all these. He says he is stuck here that’s why. Neha goes to Shamitha and consoles her as she cries saying she has serious trust issues. Raqesh tells Nishant that he genuinely likes her. Nishant says that everything can’t be about her. If he is here then he also has something to do. If she is Shamitha Shetty then he is Raqesh Bapat.

Shamitha keeps on crying and Neha consoles her. Pratik tells Akshara that she doesn’t need to say such things to him. He says he will ask her in front of her. He asks her to wait for a second. Pratik asks Neha to come to which she denies. Akshara says to Nishaht that she is always wrong. Pratik comes there and says something to which Akshara asks him not to talk with her. Akshara shouts that she doesn’t need clarification.

Neha says that if she doesn’t want to talk then no need to talk. Akshara says chii to which Neha says that the camera can see her real face. They both shout at each other. Neha leaves from there saying they can’t talk with liars. Akshara asks her to get lost and kind of talks mannerlessly. Pratik supports Neha. Neha asks him to go and watch this episode.

12:15 AM

Nishanth tells Moose that if they get a chance to save someone then he doesn’t want to save Pratik and Neha. Moose agrees. He says that he thinks that they don’t like it that they won. Moose says he is getting insecure and says that’s Pratik.

12:30 AM

Neha asks Shamitha whether she is alright. Shamitha says that everyone will blame her saying he is sad because of her. She says that he is right and she is right at her place. Neha tells her not to say anything now as she is feeling vulnerable now and leaves from there asking her to leave.

01:00 AM

Nishaht says it’s his birthday to Raqesh and says he will jump into the pool to which Raqesh asks him to sit and not do it. Moose and Nishant jump into the pool. They laugh in the pool.

01:30 AM

Akshara tells Millind that she is thinking about how to tackle him. Millind asks her what did she say. Akshara says that she suddenly flipped while talking. Akshara says it was important to react and that’s why she did. Bigg Boss OTT 1st September 2021 Written Update.

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