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Bigg Boss OTT 31st August 2021 Written Update

Bigg Boss OTT 31st August 2021 Written Update
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Bigg Boss OTT 31st August 2021 Written Update: Bigg Boss OTT The show never fails to impress the audience with interesting drama.

Day 23

08:00 AM

The inmates wake up to the song Aag lagegi. Akshara dances in the garden and Divya dances with her. Moose joins them. Nishant dances with Divya and Neha hugs Pratik.

08:15 PM

Bigg Boss says that because the audience has disliked their performance on Saturday and as he has said that the effect will be on their Monday and now it’s time to say it. He says that the whole day they won’t use Gym and the gas supply will be two hours the whole day. Divya says it’s better to eat corn flakes and fruits. Akshara wakes up Millind.

Bigg Boss OTT 31st August 2021 Written Update

09:45 AM

Nishant tells Pratik that he feels like saying either me or her. Neha says he runs away. Nishaht says she is running taking the tissue and asks not to say anything to his friend. Neha pours something on him and Shamitha cleans it. Pratik and Neha get into a water fight. Pratik tells her that it’s only two hours and asks to let him work.

Bigg Boss OTT 31st August 2021 Written Update

11:30 AM

Akshara asks what she was saying yesterday to Neha. Akshara says there was nothing negative going on about her and it was all good. She explains her point of view. She asks her to understand that even she felt bad. Akshara tells her that she liked Pratik. Neha says she didn’t tell her ahd she also understood that she likes him by her reaction. They both discuss whatever happened and explain their point to each other.

Akshara tells her that she is noticing many things and she tells her that she likes her ahd if she ever sees her in that situation then she will come for her. Neha says she for once got scared by him. She was scared that what will she answer to the world and her Mother. Nishant tells Neha to stay away and tells her that he has worn a mask because of her. She says his diplomacy is getting more ahd he says no one can be as diplomatic as her. He says that she bitches about her but now she is talking with her. Neha says it’s the cheap act. He says her act is cheaper.

12:30 PM

Neha asks Pratik whether he has said all those things. Pratik says that he was confused hence he has said that. She asks him whether he has said that he feels like sleeping when she talks to which he says that there were issues then. Moose asks Nishaht to guess what she is saying. He says it’s funny. He says she is thinking and that’s funny. Neha tells Pratik whatever Akshara has said ahd Pratik tells her whatever Akshara said to him. She asks him to take a stand and she tells him that she is done with targeting. He tells her that he won’t talk to her if she walks out.

01:15 PM

Neha tells Pratik that Akshara said that she likes him. He says how can she say that on the camera. Neha asks him as to why they are talking soo much about them. She lays on him. She asks to be friends and asks him to hug her but he denies

01:45 PM

Neha says let’s do it to Pratik and pushes him holding his hand. She asks him to come closer to see ahd he says he can see it from distance as well. She asks him what he is doing. He says he was trying to tickle her ahd she says in the wrong places. They both try to tickle each other.

03:00 PM

Akshara tells Divya whatever she has spoken to Neha. Divya asks why she is soo scared that she has to go to America. Akshara says that she was scared that what the world would think. Millind says she wouldn’t have come to his bed if she was scared.

03:45 PM

Divya tells Raqesh that her dress is perfect for the tattoo. She asks him to make a tattoo on her. Nishant asks him not to break her heart. She says that he can draw tattoos from her shoulder to her waist. Neha says Raqesh is sweating. Nishant asks him to make a tattoo or else he will disclose his secrets. Raqesh tells him that he will slap him. Divya says only Nishaht is her friend. Nishaht says only Raqesh ahd Neha is playing games.

04:00 PM

Bigg Boss says that Bigg Boss OTT stay tuned needs a strong connection to go ahead in the game. He says that only connection can make them strong or weak. He says that now Divya has become alone and there is no connection for her without her any mistake. Moose asks Nishaht to not press the buzzer. Bigg Boss asks them to think about their connection. He says that now even girls are given the chance.

If anyone wants to make the connection then she can. Even Divya has a chance to chose her connection. Whoever wants to make a new connection with her then can press the buzzer. Pratik says that this is next-level shit. Divya asks Pratik to press the buzzer after saying that Shamitha will press the buzzer for her. Divya asks Neha to press the buzzer. She asks her to think about it. Raqesh tells Pratik that they will press the buzzer.

Raqesh lifts Shamitha in his arms and says she us soi lite. Pratik and Moose drag Raqesh asking him to press the buzzer. Raqesh pushes Moose lightly to which she lays on the floor ahd shouts violence. She holds Shamitha and asks Raqesh to press the buzzer. Moose then takes Neha to the buzzer ahd Pratik stops her. Nishanth goes to the buzzer ahd Moose asks him to think about her Mother.

04:15 PM

Moose asks Nishant whether he wants to press the buzzer. He says he wants someone else to press the buzzer. They say Akshara should press the buzzer. Moose asks Pratik to press the buzzer. They then ask Raqesh to press the buzzer. Moose again asks Pratik to press the buzzer for them. Nishant asks Raqesh to leave. Divya tells Akshara that she doesn’t feel like someone will press the buzzer. Millind says Nishant may press it.

Divya says Moose will go to Pratik. Divya sits beside Pratik and laying beside him says they are picture-perfect. Raqesh says he can’t tolerate her. Nishaht tells Moose that naturally, it won’t happen with him. Moose again asks Pratik to press the buzzer. Nishaht says he doesn’t like Neha ahd Moose says his connection is not good enough. Moose asks him to press the buzzer when he holds her. Nishant asks him to call Neha. Nishant wishes for him to press the buzzer.

Bigg Boss OTT 31st August 2021 Written Update

04:30 PM

Divya and Pratik are walking together. She says that it’s news that they are walking together. She says that they both know each other from before and they have done shows and this way they can know each other. She says that Neha has eaten him in half. He says she didn’t. Neha asks Raqesh whether he will press the buzzer.

Shamita says she doesn’t believe him. She asks her to go and ask him and she says she doesn’t want to make a fool of herself. Neha asks Pratik to talk clearly. She asks what is this act of his. He says he never got a chance to talk with her and they were genuinely connected in the previous show. Neha asks him to do it ahd leaves from there. Nishant asks him to think. Raqesh asks Bigg Boss whether he can give a threesome.

04:45 PM

Nishant tells Pratik that it’s not a comfort. Moose asks him to think and make his own decision as there is no time. Neha tells Pratik that she won’t talk to him. Pratik goes to Neha and she asks him as to what he is doing and he is making a fool out of herself. He asks her to calm down. Neha says even if he is joking it’s not funny. She asks him whether he is joking and he asks her what he is thinking. She asks why he is playing mind games. Neha asks why he is doing cheap acting. Nishant laughs telling Moose that Pratik is serious.

05:00 PM

Divya says she is going to sit just like Millind saying she wants to go. Neha says to Nishant that he doesn’t have the courage to hear the truth. He asks her to say the truth. She says that he is saying behind her back that she plays sympathy card. Divya says that she is such a huge competition that no one wants to be her connection. Nishaht tells Neha that she has said on his face that he plays friendship card and if he says she plays sympathy card then she flips.

She says things personally. Nishaht says that she doesn’t agree with whatever others say. She says that he sets fire and he says how does she know this. Moose asks what is the problem if he talks with people and everyone likes him. Nishaht tells her that he also laughs when he laughs. He says that the problem is she always stays on one point.

05:45 PM

Pratik says now the doors will happen. Divya says she doesn’t want to be with such stupid people and stay in the stupid show. Bigg Boss says that now it’s time for nomination and connections matters and Divya is nominated as she has no connection. Pratik and Neha are safe. He asks Nishaht and Moose to come to the confession room.

Bigg Boss tells Nishant and Moose that before them there are letters from their family and asks to decide whom they want to nominate and read the letter. Moose tells that she will nominate herself and she can’t live without him in the house and she says she will nominate herself. Nishant tells her that he is himself with her and if he reads it then he will become weak and if she reads it then there will be power with him as she will be safe.

He says that even if he gets eliminated then she has Pratik with her and if she reads it then she will be happy. He tells Bigg Boss that he wants to nominate himself. Bigg Boss asks them to tear the letter who wants to be nominated and he tears the letter.

Bigg Boss OTT 31st August 2021 Written Update

06:45 PM

Akshara ahd Millind is sitting in the confession room. Millind asks her to read it. Akshara says he will get nominated. Bigg Boss asks Millind and Akshara to tear the letter to whoever wants to be nominated and if they don’t want to read then they both can tear it and both will be nominated. Millind says if both get nominated then it’s better. He says he will be in guilt if she tears it and asks to tear it. They both tear their letters.

07:00 PM

Akshara cries and Millind asks her not to cry. She says that her parents would have sent it. Pratik also consoles her.

07:30 PM

Shamita tells Raqesh that she will nominate herself. He tells her that he won’t let that happen. She tells him that she won’t let him get nominated. He tells her that he won’t want to read. He tells her that he is serious. Bigg Boss says that whoever wants to get nominated will tear their letter and if they both tear it then they both will be nominated. Shamita requests him to pick it up and read it. She tears her letter. He asks her why did she do it.

He says it’s not fair. He tries to tear it but she snatches it. Shamita says she has given up on him. They both leave from there as Bigg Boss asks them. Raqesh follows Shamitha who asks him to give her two minutes. He asks her not to do this. She cries locking herself. Neha hugs Raqesh. Shamita comes out and Raqesh hugs her. He asks her why did she do this. Shamita says it’s her instincts. He tells her that they should be together. He apologizes. She says it’s not his fault. Raqesh sheds tears and tells her that that’s not right. Raqesh tells her that they will decide together.

07:45 PM

Bigg Boss says that now the nomination task is over. Shamita, Nishant, Akshara, Divya, and Millind are nominated. He asks them to take their letters from the storeroom. Moose drags Raqesh with her. Shamita apologizes to her Mother. Raqesh reads the letter. Pratik and Neha hug Nishant. Moose reads her letter ahd cries. Moose hugs Pratik, Nishant, and Divya. Pratik says it’s not a joke that he has torn it. Raqesh hugs Millind and Akshara. Divya comes to them and hugs them.

08:00 PM

Moose tells her Mother that she misses her. She says she knows how hard it’s for her. Pratik consoles her and hugs her. Moose asks Akshara why did she tear. Pratik says it’s a big sacrifice. Akshara asks what he would have done. He says he doesn’t know.

08:30 PM

Bigg Boss says that now it’s time for their report card and the 24*7 live audience are happy with their performance because of which there won’t be any effect on their tomorrow. And their punishment is over. They all run into the kitchen.

Bigg Boss tells Akshara that there is something for her in the storeroom. Nishant and Akshara run to the store too. Everyone follows them and wishes her a happy birthday. Akshara places a kiss on Moose’s lips mistakenly. They set the cake and she cuts it along with everyone as they sing a Birthday song for her. They feed her cake.

Bigg Boss OTT 31st August 2021 Written Update

09:00 PM

Pratik says where he is struck while Millind is happy. Millind says that he is very happy that he is struck. Shamita tells Akshara that there is cake on her face. Pratik says there is a lipstick in Raqesh hand. He says it’s Divya when she says it’s her’s. Shamita says she has given up her letter for him. Divya says she has given it because she had one extra. Nishant calls her Sautan. Shamita asks can she get her letter back.

Shamita says she is not his girlfriend. Divya says it will look good if she becomes his girlfriend. Shamita says they will think once they go out. Raqesh asks whether she is sure or she will block him. She says she will think once they are out. Pratik says he is blocked outside. Shamita tells Raqesh that he knows he doesn’t like someone. He says he has forgotten it. He asks Neha to take his side. Shamita says she says things seriously.

Neha says she trusts him. Shamita says she knows only for three weeks. He says he wanted to look good. She asks whether she doesn’t have to make up to which he says she was not there. She tells him that she is not jealous of her but she doesn’t like her. Raqesh says they don’t think soo much. Shamita says she must be stupid then. He says she must be and he places kisses on her till she laughs.

11:30 PM

Nishant tells Neha that the audience likes her voice. He asks her how is her journey here. She says she feels like her brain is numb. Nishant pretends like VJ and asks about him dumping Akshara. Moose pretends like calling him to the bedroom. She asks whom he is talking to which he says that she is his cousin’s girlfriend’s boyfriend. He says that he is coming baby.

02:30 PM

Pratik says that there is something happened between Moose and Nishant to Moose ahd Neha. He asks whether she is not sleepy. She says she is going to sleep. Pratik tells Neha that he doesn’t know what her feeling is. Moose goes to her bed and goes to sleep looking at Nishaht. Bigg Boss OTT 31st August 2021 Written Update.

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