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Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 4th August 2022 Written Episode Update

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 4th August 2022 Written Episode Update
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Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 4th August 2022 Written Episode Update

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 4th August 2022 Written Update 

The Episode starts with the media taking pics of the car. Dolly tells Indu that the car is wonderful. Someone comes and gives another key to Ritesh. The media asks Indu, how is she feeling after receiving the special gift. Kaamna asks Indu to smile and asks her not to worry, as Ritesh will handle it. Ritesh asks Indu, what happened, and why is she stressed. The reporter asks if this is your first car. Indu tells Ritesh that she doesn’t want this. He asks what? She returns the key gift box to him. Indu says I accept this car. Kaamna asks Indu to keep smiling and don’t say anything. Indu shouts and says I don’t want this. The reporter asks why she is refusing Ritesh’s gesture to thank her. Indu goes inside.

Kaamna asks Media to have lunch. Sameer calls the Advertisement company and tells that he will do the Advertisement for 15 crores. Indu takes her bag. Kaamna asks what had happened to you. Indu says I am not habitual to all these and got nervous. Ritesh asks the Servant to bring water. Vivaan says you are a journalist and it is your work. Indu says actually I wanted to tell you all before, that I am not a reporter. Ritesh says I know, I understood hearing the magazine name kutton ki Duniya. Vivaan asks if you have fooled Kaamna Maasi. Kaamna says you might be having common sense and asks why did you refuse to take the gift. Indu says sorry and says if you had told me before then I would have said then.

Ritesh asks if it is not rude to reject the gift. Indu says she doesn’t want to be rude, his only two words thank you are sufficient for her. He says it was a token of thanks. She says it comes in my one-month salary. Ritesh says gift price is not seen, but emotions behind it. She says I am a normal, middle-class girl, whose wishes are not big, and says my values don’t allow me to take that. Kaamna says people die to reach this position and you are refusing this gift. She says you will be famous overnight. Indu says she doesn’t want to be famous, as she is middle class and doesn’t want people to expect something from her.

She says we don’t have Servants to give instructions and do our work ourselves. Ritesh tries to convince her to take the car. She says our worlds are different, whatever I did it for my Zo…, and then says for your fans and my friend’s job. Ritesh asks her to have lunch. She says I had said that I will come for some time and says my lunch break is for an hour, I have to go to my office. Sameer thinks she might want to have a big car and that’s why refused this car. Ritesh thinks from which world did this middle-class person come, who refuses the gifts rudely and it is called manners. He thinks such values are strange.

Anjali tells Rajendra that Reddy’s uncle hasn’t paid 13000 change, but you are still sending him tiffin. Rajendra says he will clear the amount, and asks her to understand. She says you do business and not charity. She asks did you make biryani two times. He asks if you eat the same thing daily. She says profit will be less. He says I am helping Indu in the house run, and says now we are father and son. He feels some smell coming from the kitchen and comes to the kitchen.

She sees Asha making pakodas and gets happy. He says he will make chutney. Indu comes home and asks him to make tea. Anjali asks Indu to see and says our tiffin center is suffering losses and asks her to see. Indu gives her money for loss and gives her pocket money too. She asks her not to show the loss. Anjali says this money you have kept for yourself and asks her to ask Bob Ji to close the tiffin center for some days. She says he is happy with his tiffin service and asks how to snatch his happiness. Anjali says he is helping you in running the house. Indu says let him be happy in his world. She says happiness can’t be brought with money.

Ritesh tells that happiness can be bought with money and that’s what he thought and tried to gift her a car. But she refused, how rude. Rahul says it is her loss and asks why are you getting upset? Ritesh says he is upset as she rudely refused his sweet gesture and he felt insulting. Rahul says we, middle-class people’s thoughts are something else, it is on a different tangent and says you are rich since childhood and got everything you asked for. He says you can’t understand our middle-class mentality and says if you give anything then our self-respect will be hurt. He says my sister and I used to have biscuits dipping in water, and we couldn’t get ration at home for a month sometimes. He says whatever you are thinking as her rudeness is her self-respect. Ritesh plays the game and loses. Rahul says I have won. Ritesh thinks there is tension in the monthly ratio too?

Indu tells Rajendra and Anjali about Ritesh’s anger and says it is good that I didn’t take Zoon there. She says our world is different and says they are rich. Anjali says if you have called me, then I would have taken it. Indu says I will beat her. Sunita brings Zoon there. Zoon is sad. Indu asks what happened to my phuggi, did Nikhil tell something again? Sunita says tomorrow is a competition in her school. Rajendra says it is good. Sunita says they have kept a volleyball match for the kids’ father, and all her friends’ Papa is coming to play it. Zoon says sorry to Indu and says she didn’t take her name for the competition. She goes inside. Sunita says today she is crying for her papa and when she comes to know that her mother is not real, then she will be broken. Indu asks her to stop it. Sunita says she shall know, but doesn’t know if her mother is alive or dead. Rajendra says you love her so much and then also says. Sunita says you know well, that it is difficult for a girl to stay alone. Indu asks her to end this topic right here and says she will tell the truth Zoon. Sunita says the past/truth will bring destruction is present.

Kadambari is shown and asks where is Ritesh Malhotra’s house footage. She asks why the reporters are sent home after half event, and asks for whom the car was ordered. She says she brings out the truth. The employee says Pankaj asks the reporters to delete the footage and made them sign them. Kadambari asks if Pankaj gives you salary or this company. She is the owner of the B times magazine.

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