Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 8th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 8th November 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Kadambari asking Sameer about Ritesh’s love for Shakuntala. Sameer tells that Ritesh won’t spare a person who even unintentionally harms his mother. Kadambari tells them they have to use this opportunity in their favor. Sameer tells her that he doesn’t understand anything.

Kadambari tells him that Zoon puts Shakuntala’s life in danger by mistake because of this Ritesh gets provoked. Sameer asks her how to use this opportunity. Kadambari tells they have to find a way. Vivek comes to meet Zoon. He gives her her toy which she forgets in his house. Dolly greets him. Vivek gives a laddu box to Dolly and tells her that Sunita sends this for them.

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 8th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 8th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Dolly tells him the smell is too good. Vivek talks about Rajender’s cooking skills. He then asks about Ritesh and Indu. Dolly tells that they went out for some important work so Vivek leaves the place saying he is getting late for work. Kadambari sees the laddu box and tells Sameer that she gets an idea and shares her idea to make Zoon feed the whole laddu to Shakuntala.

Dolly comes there and asks Deep to have laddu. Just then Sameer and Kadambari go to them. Kadambari acts and feeds both Deep and Dolly the entire laddu. She then signs at Sameer and the latter tells Deep his car looked like met with an accident so Deep rushes outside.

Dolly and Sameer follow him. Kadambari sits beside Zoon and asks her to be friends with her saying now they both are staying in the same house and she is her aunt now. Zoon refuses to be friends with her saying she is trying to separate her from her mother. Kadambari apologizes to Zoon and pleads with her to give her a chance also when she wants to break up their friendship she can.

Zoon agrees. Kadambari feeds the whole laddu to Zoon and tells her they should feed a whole laddu to the person who they love the most and asks Zoon about her favorite people. Zoon tells it to Ritesh and Indu but they both aren’t in the house so Kadambari suggests she feed the laddu to Shakuntala because she is Ritesh’s favorite. Zoon obliges and leaves the place. Kadambari gets happy.

Zoon goes to Shakuntala’s room and tells her that she is here to feed her laddu. Shakuntala smiles at her. Zoon tries to feed her the whole laddu and Shakuntala struggles to breathe. Ritesh and Indu come home and Indu goes to have water. Ritesh who walks past Shakuntala’s room gets shocked to see Shakuntala’s struggle so he rushes to her and pushes Zoon away.

Zoon gets hurt and calls out Indu. Ritesh tries to help Shakuntala to get her back to normal. The family members enter the house along with Indu. Indu rushes to Zoon while others go to Shakuntala. Ritesh leaves with Shakuntala to the hospital followed by his family members. Sameer and Kadambari gets happy. Later Dolly and Kaamna express their worry about Shakuntala’s health. Dolly also shares her worry about Zoon’s scared state.

Kaamna scolds Dolly for supporting Zoon Zoon because of who Shakuntala is hospitalized and also blames Indu for not teaching things like this to Zoon. Ritesh comes there and says that Shakuntala is fine and she has to stay in the hospital for a night also defends Zoon saying she is a kid when Kaamna blames Zoon. He then goes inside to meet Zoon.

Zoon in the room pleads with Indu to take her to Indu’s house because she made a mistake because of which Shakuntala is hospitalized Ritesh must be angry so she is scared to face him. Indu tries to convince Zoon but fails. Ritesh calls out to Zoon and the latter gets scared so Indu goes out and stops him from entering the room saying Zoon is scared. Ritesh blames Indu for Zoon’s actions. Indu gets annoyed and tells him that she isn’t interested to play blame games now so she is taking Zoon with her to her house and then leaves.

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 8th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Sunita gets shocked to see Indu and Zoon at her doorstep. She also gets shocked learning about Ritesh’s anger because of which Zoon gets hurt. She then tells Indu that Zoon is not that stupid to do all this on her own. Indu says even she wonders what made Zoon make such mistakes. She then goes to Zoon and assures her that Ritesh isn’t angry with her and asks for what reason she visited Shakuntala’s room. Zoon tells her that Kadambari made her do all this which shocks Indu.

Sameer and Kadambari get happy about their plan is working in their favor but Indu comes there and confronts Kadambari. Kadambari acts and tells Indu that she is giving the wrong upbringing to Zoon that’s why she is lying which leads to an argument between them. Sameer acts and asks Indu not to put false allegations about them. Ritesh hears it and gets furious. He asks both Sameer and Kadambari to leave the house which shocks everyone. Sameer tells they will leave with Zoon only. Indu looks on with a worry-filled face.