Business Idea: Earn 80 thousand rupees a month, start like this

Business Idea
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Business Idea: Earn 80 thousand rupees a month, start like this: In today’s time mobile phones are being used a lot. Companies are also bringing new features to their phones. Looks and design are being improved because people are also buying mobiles by looking at the looks, as well as people today buy covers to make their phones look better and keep their phones safe.

Selling mobile is as big a business as it is for mobile cover. If you are thinking of starting a business, then today we are giving you a business idea. The name of this business idea is a mobile cover printing business. After doing this business, you can earn better profits.

How to start a business

To start this business you will need some machines like a computer laptop as well as a sublimation machine, a sublimation printer, a sublimation paper dye for a sublimation paper model and 99 sublimation software.

How much to invest

Talking about investment for this business, you can buy machines online and offline from anywhere. The cost of which is around 30 thousand rupees. The submission paper is around Rs 250. You get the printer for around 30 thousand rupees. Sublimation tape is available for Rs 200 per piece.

Where to buy raw materials

You can buy machines and raw materials online and offline in two ways. There are many websites to buy raw materials online, you can take their help. Like Indiamart, Amazon and Snapdeal, and many more websites both machine and raw material will be available.

How much will you earn

Now talking about earning, then you have to invest 70 to 80 thousand rupees in this business and if you earn good profit later then you can reduce your investment later.

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