Business Idea: Earn lakhs from farming

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Business Idea: Earn lakhs from farming: Farmers in India are now doing vegetable cultivation on a large scale. There is also a picture that the farmers of our state are also cultivating vegetable crops on a large scale which can be harvested in fewer days and at less cost. The special thing is that farmers are getting more profit from the cultivation of vegetable crops. Friends capsicum is also a major vegetable crop. According to experts, the price of capsicum is generally better than other vegetables available in the market.

Farmers cultivating this crop are earning well today. There are many such farmers in the state who are getting good income from the cultivation of capsicum. Capsicum produced by the farmers here is being sent for sale all over the country. Like common vegetables, it is cultivated in all types of climates. With good results, farmers get a good income.

According to experts, after plowing the land for the cultivation of capsicum, the remains of the previous crop should be collected and burnt and the farmers should spray weedicide on the capsicum crop. So it is claimed that weeds will not grow in the capsicum crops and production of capsicum will also increase.

Business Idea: Benefits of using drip irrigation

Knowledgeable people say that the cultivation of capsicum with the use of a drip irrigation system saves water and increases the yield. It is the best irrigation method for agriculture. Presently, farmers in the country are slowly moving out of the traditional way of providing water. After investing money in this method, water can be saved and water can be made available as per the requirement. Cost is saved and production is better. With this method, we can also use fertilizer properly. Apart from this, the government is giving huge discounts and subsidies on this method.

Product available only in 75 days

After preparing the beds in the field, ready-made capsicum plants are planted at a suitable distance. Proper manure, water, and timely spraying of insecticides give a good crop. The pH of the soil should be 6 for the cultivation of capsicum. Capsicum plant can tolerate temperatures up to 40 degrees Celsius and starts yielding about 75 days after planting. About 300 quintals of capsicum are produced in one hectare.


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