Business Idea: Earn so much in one hectare made from farming

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Business Idea: Earn so much in one hectare made from farming: A large number of farmers are cultivating chilies in the Hardoi district of Uttar Pradesh. Chili cultivation has added sweetness to the lives of farmers. A large number of farmers cultivate paddy, wheat, and sugarcane in Hardoi, but apart from this is the story of Kamal Kishore, a resident of Sikandarpur Patti. He informed that the Sitapur district adjoining Hardoi is leading in chili production. In view of this, he has chosen chili production as a business, away from traditional farming.

Chilli cultivation added sweetness to the lives of farmers

Chili cultivation has become a better source of income for the farmers. Seeing the success in this, now many farmers are earning huge profits by cultivating chilies throughout the year and bringing big changes in their lives.

The special importance of chili in spices

Chilli has special importance among spices in India. Chili production is good in many states including Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Odisha, from which farmers earn profits of lakhs. The soil here is fertile and well drained for the cultivation of chilies, so these regions have good yields of chilies. On this idea, he went to Hardoi and took information from the Department of Agriculture and Horticulture, where he was given detailed information regarding the cultivation of chilies.

Production up to 35 quintals in one acre

Initially, he cultivated from the seeds of Pusa evergreen chili, which produced 9 to 10 cm long and extremely bitter fruits. About 35 quintals of green chili were obtained per acre and after drying it, about 7 to 8 quintals of dry chili were obtained. He’s been doing it for many years. From time to time, he keeps on taking information about the prevention of pests, selection of best seeds, weed control, and fertilizers by the Horticulture Department. Along with this, he also gets the pH of his soil checked by the Agriculture Department from time to time.

Field preparation for chili

Plows about three to four times to prepare the field. Apply fertilizer according to the required quantity 20 days before sowing of seeds. Along with preparing the weed field, weed drains are prepared at a distance of 60 cm. These are covered with polythene till the germination of the seed. After the emergence of plants, from time to time, essential medicines available in the market are used to protect them from harmful insects. Most of the fruit borer pests damage the chili crop at the time of fruiting.

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