Business Idea: Start a flavorful business of spices, you can earn a lot of money by setting up a unit!

Masala Making Unit
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Business Idea: Start a flavorful business of spices, you can earn a lot of money by setting up a unit!: Through Masala Making Unit, you can get an income of Rs 10.50 lakh every year. The initial investment in this will be only Rs 3.50 lakh. For this, you will also get a loan easily under the schemes of the government.

Everyone wants that they get some business in which investment is less but profit can be earned well. However, finding such a business is not that easy. Therefore, removing this dilemma, we are telling you such a business idea where you have to invest only once and the earnings will be for a lifetime. We are talking about Masala Making Unit. The expectation of good returns in this is high because the demand for spices in India will not decrease in the near future.

Spices have an important place in the Indian kitchen and hence they are always in demand. There are many varieties of spices in the country and they are produced on a large scale. Apart from this, there is also a demand for different types of spices in every region. If you are aware of spices then this can prove to be a tremendous business for you. Not only this, you can also get help from the government for this business.

How much will it cost

In a report of the Khadi and Village Industries Commission, the complete blueprint for setting up a spice unit has been given. According to this, setting up a spice-making unit can cost Rs 3.50 lakh. In this, Rs 60,000 will be spent on building a shed in an area of ​​300 square feet and Rs 40,000 on equipment. Apart from this, you will spend Rs 2.50 lakh on working capital i.e. electricity, water, wages of workers, etc. For this, you can get a loan under the Mudra Loan Scheme of the Central Government and the Prime Minister’s Employment Scheme.

How much will the income

According to the report, 193 quintals of spice can be prepared every year from the spice-making unit. At present, the cost of one quintal of spice is about Rs 5400 and if you sell all the spices prepared in your unit at this rate, then you can earn Rs 10.42 lakh in a year. After deducting all the expenses in this, you will have a profit of Rs 2.54 lakh annually. If you start it in your house instead of rented land, then your profit can increase further.

Promote increased sales

You can spread your spice business through marketing. You can directly supply spices to the shopkeepers by contacting them directly. By creating the company’s website, you can also deliver spices online directly to people’s homes. Apart from this, you can take the help of social media to spread your business. However, the most important of these will be to maintain the quality of the product. Also, the quality of your packaging should also be of the highest quality.

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