Business Idea: Start this business in a small place with very little investment, there will be bumper earnings every month

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Business Idea: As soon as you start the business of frozen peas, you will start earning big money. We are giving you one such business idea. Your lottery will be out as soon as you start it. This is one such business. In which the cost is very low and the earning is bumper. We are telling you about Frozen Peas Business. Peas are in demand throughout the year, but green peas are available only during the winter season. Vegetables and other things are made from frozen peas for weddings and other events.

You can start a frozen peas business from a small room in your house. However, if you want to do business on a large scale, then 4000 to 5000 square feet of space will be required. At the same time, some laborers will be needed to peel green peas when starting a business on a small scale. On a large scale, you will need pea peeling machines. Also, some licenses will be required.

How to start

If you want to start a frozen peas business then you have to buy green peas from farmers in winter. Generally, fresh green peas are easily available till the month of February. You can start a frozen peas business from a small room in your house. After buying peas from farmers you will need laborers for peeling, washing, boiling and packing, etc. It is not that you have to buy all the peas at once. You can process them by buying peas every day.

How much will you earn

Starting a business of frozen peas can give at least 50-80 percent profit. Green peas can be purchased from farmers at the rate of Rs 10 per kg. In this, about 1 kg of grains comes out in two kg of green peas. If you get the price of peas from Rs 20 per kg in the market, then you can process these peas and sell them in bulk at Rs 120 per kg. On the other hand, if you sell the packets of frozen peas directly to the retail shopkeepers, you will make more profit.

Know how to make frozen peas

To make frozen peas, peas are first peeled. After this, the peas are boiled at a temperature of about 90 degrees centigrade. Then the pea grains are put in cold water up to 3-5 degrees centigrade so that the bacteria found in it are killed. After this, the next task is to keep these peas at a temperature of up to 40 degrees. So that the snow freezes in the peas. Then the peas are packed in packets of different weights and delivered to the market.

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