Business Idea: This stuff is sold throughout the year, earning a lot

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Business Idea: This stuff is sold throughout the year, earning a lot: If you want to earn big by doing farming instead of traditional farming, then today we will tell you such a business idea related to farming, with the help of which you can easily earn lakhs of rupees every year. This is a business idea that will always be in demand. Nowadays, many educated working people and youth are earning lakhs of rupees by turning to farm. The business related to agriculture is also getting the support of the government. Let us tell you today about the remedies and benefits of ginger cultivation.

Government also helps

Ginger is used in everything from tea to vegetables, and pickles. With good demand throughout the year, there is also a good price. It has exceptional requests in winter. With that, a good request for the whole year. In this case, you can get more out of the job. Most importantly, the central government will also get assistance for planting.

Depends on the rain

Ginger cultivation depends on rainwater. It can be cultivated alone or with papayas and other large trees as plants. 2 to 3 quintals of seed are required for sowing in one hectare. Ginger should be cultivated by making beds. Apart from this, water is also easily removed by creating a waterway in the middle. Ginger should not be cultivated in watersheds that stagnate. 6-7 pH soil is considered better for ginger cultivation. Ginger rear tubers are used. Solder the large ginger claws in such a way that there are two to three sprouts in one piece.

How is sowing done

When planting ginger, row-to-row distance should be 30-40 cm and plant-to-plant distance should be 25-25 cm. In addition, the middle tuber should be covered with light soil or cow dung after four to five centimeters of sowing.

How much will it cost

It may take 8 to 9 months for ginger plants to mature. Ginger produces 150 to 200 quintals in one hectare. The cultivation of ginger in one hectare can cost around 7-8 lakh rupees.

What will be the income

If you talk about the income from ginger, the production of ginger in one hectare can be 150-200 quintals. Ginger sells for around Rs 80 per kg in the market. If it is considered at Rs 60 per kg, then one hectare will easily fetch up to Rs 25 lakh. In this even after the return of all costs, unless Rs 15 lakh will be easily profitable.

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