Business Ideas: Start this business sitting at home by installing 5 thousand machines, you will earn big every month

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Business Ideas: Start this business sitting at home by installing 5 thousand machines, you will earn big every month: Who does not want to start his own business, but due to lack of money, many people are unable to start a business? At the same time, there is also doubt that which business will prove to be right for them.

But, there are many such small businesses, which you can start and earn good money. If you have the space to keep only one table in a public place, then a machine of only ₹ 5000 will give you a profit of at least ₹ 1000 daily. If the crowd is more, then install a machine of ₹ 10000. No need for a big shop.

An electric tandoor is such a machine in which you can make all the food products made in the tandoor. Pizza and momos can also be made. Veg and nonveg can make any type of product. Recipes also come with the machine. The biggest problem in this type of business is that suddenly there is a rush and it becomes difficult to provide service.

Electric tandoor is the solution to this problem. It can make Tandoori Parathas in just 1 minute. Can make medium-level pizza. Similarly and everything else. The machine is electric so there is no fight with LPG gas. The tray inside is nonstick. So there is no cost of oil. This machine comes in two types. The first is semi-automatic and the second is fully automatic.

In a semi-automatic machine, you have to experience how long a product is cooking in the atmosphere of your city. In a fully automatic machine, as soon as the tandoori paratha is cooked and ready, the machine stops. The price of a semi-automatic machine starts from ₹ 5000. A fully automatic machine comes at ₹ 35000.

Needless to say, how much margin is there in this type of business and how easily customers are found? If you want, you can open your own small food corner with this machine. You can also start from home. If you can hire a cook, you can take orders for a party of 200-200 people. When your business grows, you can take a bigger machine.

If you are planning your restaurants then it is best to start a startup with this machine. It does not take much capital, so you can easily take a trial. Once the relationship between the taste of your hand and the market becomes strong, then what to say?

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