Calling without network in Samsung’s upcoming phone!

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Samsung: The satellite connectivity feature of the iPhone 14 Series can also be found in Samsung’s upcoming flagship smartphone series. This has been claimed in a recent report. In Apple’s recently launched iPhone 14 series, this feature has been given for emergency calls. With the help of this feature, calls can be made even without a mobile network in any emergency situation. Apart from Apple, Chinese smartphone company Huawei has also given this feature in its flagship Mate 50 series.

Ricciolo, a tipster on microblogging platform Twitter, has claimed that Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy devices will get SOS satellite connectivity. At the same time, it has also been said in Phoearena’s report that an emergency calling feature can be given in Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S23 series. 

satellite connectivity

The satellite connectivity feature used in Apple’s latest iPhone 14 series will be available from November. Not only this, this feature will be available only for US and Canadian users. However, there are reports that Apple may soon roll out this feature in other countries as well. Chinese company Huawei has also given satellite connectivity features in the latest Mate 50 and Mate 50 Pro smartphones. Users can make calls through China’s Global BeiDou satellite network in case of emergency.

Samsung has given Automatic Data Switching feature in Galaxy devices launched this year. This feature works with dual SIM cards. Through this feature, if the user’s primary SIM card does not have a network, then the phone automatically uses the secondary SIM card’s network. Through this feature, users can continue their conversation without disconnecting the call. However, the satellite connectivity feature is different from this. In this, users can make satellite calling in case of emergency when there is no mobile network.

Apple’s latest iPhone 14 series smartphone will use the Globalstar satellite network for emergency SOS service. Samsung may use another satellite service provider’s network. However, the South Korean company has not shared official information regarding this feature.

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