Cancer to Pisces, See Zodiac signs who manipulate their spouse into having kids

Cancer to Pisces, See Zodiac signs who manipulate their spouse into having kids
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Relationships are all about being on the same page as your partner when it comes to major life decisions. However, in the course of life, some partners reach certain milestones earlier than others and are ready for new adventures before their spouse may be. The preparedness for having children is one such endeavour. From Cancer to Pisces, you must take a look at the Zodiac signs who manipulate their spouse into having kids before they are ready.


Although, most of the Zodiac signs are nothing like their stereotypes; a Cancer as the crabby moon sign tends to come close. This zodiac sign is close to their mothers and loves to nurture everyone around them. They have a penchant for being incredible mothers and they often dream of raising a family of their own. They are not above waging psychological warfare, using their infamous puppy eyes or guilt-tripping their spouse into having children.

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When it comes to Taurus, this earth sign’s life revolves around food and their families. And babies are a huge part of this. So, a Taurus male may often be ready for taking the next step in growing their family before their partner maybe. In such cases, they sweet talk their lovers into taking the plunge into parenthood. Whether or not their spouse is ready, they will spend long hours trying to convince them that it is the right decision.

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A Pisces has a more subtle approach to convincing their mate. Most of them detest arguments and loud disagreements with their partners as it can be emotionally draining for this sensitive water sign. Therefore, they look to their loved ones and family members to gently coax their mate into agreement. They are the reason why their spouse is asked leading questions about when they plan to give their family the ‘good news’.

Disclaimer: While these attributes are generic, these are primarily focused on your zodiacal qualities; all the above traits may not necessarily hold true for you.

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