Channa Mereya 10th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Channa Mereya 10th November 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Supreet informing to Ginni that Sonia is Grandpa’s friend. She is going to visit our house to attend a meeting. She might follow their culture. Our business depends on this meeting Ginni questions her what’s she trying to say she doesn’t have culture. Nothing to worry she won’t create any unnecessary drama here.

Shailaja provokes Supreet against Ginni by saying they won’t lose anything in it. But our business depends on it. Sonia is not only a friend of grandpa but is an investor too. She advises her to take care of this deal. Meanwhile, Supreet suggests Amber and Aditya eat something before Sonia reaches here. They won’t get time to eat anything. Amber says to Aditya that he collected every detail of Sonia’s investments in our company. Aditya says that she got profit in her every investment.

Channa Mereya 10th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Supreet asks him what will she answer to our line. He says that he doesn’t know what to do about it. Sonia doesn’t like his way of talking. Amber says to Ginni’s family that Sonia will reach here in a few minutes. This contact is important to him for his business. He is not able to accept small mistakes that happen in it. Ginni’s family didn’t give heed to them.

Shailaja says to Amber that she isn’t coming here as a family friend. She is an investor don’t forget that. She doesn’t want to see any new drama. Akash shares his thoughts with Amber. They heard a car sound and rushes out. Amber’s family greets Sonia and welcomes her. She recognises Aditya and praised him for looking handsome.

She says to him that Rajvant shared many things about him. She only saw him in his childhood photo. She adds that she never expected to meet Rajvant in such a situation. She inquires Aditya about his health. He shares with her that he is doing better but still not out of danger. Several years ago he accepted his son’s demand. This is the result of his demand.

Aditya takes her inside the house. Supreet says to Shailaja that Rajvant said to her she is like a celebrity. Shailaja says to her that she fears that she will leave there seeing mom and daughter drama. Surprising everyone Ginni’s family welcomes Sonia grand way. Sonia liked her decorations. Shailaja says to Supreet that she is talented in impressing others.

Ginni takes Sonia’s blessings and introduced herself to her. Sonia says to Ginni that she is spreading love. She greets her mom. Amber asks Sonia to reads the contract. If she likes it just sign in. Supreet agrees with it. Sonia clears to her that she isn’t here to sign in any agreement. She wants to talk with Aaditya and Ginni alone. Aditya takes them from there.

Amber doubts what’s she trying to convey in secret. Later, Sonia says to Ginni and Aaditya that she is well aware that both of them are strong. She wants to share something important with them. Maybe her words won’t impress them. If she has some other option in her hands she wouldn’t have brought this topic here. Aditya asks her what’s going on here.

Shailaja creates a scene. She complained that she advised them to don’t call her here. She adds that everything happening because of this mom and daughter. Amber says that he won’t leave anyone here if he doesn’t get that contract. Ginni’s mom gives a fitting reply to them. Gurleen asks them to calm down. Sonia wishes to meet Rajvant alone. Amber demands Aditya share with him what’s going on here. Aditya says to him he isn’t able to reveal it now.

Channa Mereya 10th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Ginni says to her mom that god is here. He heard their prayer. If someone tried to pull down their legs. They will get a punishment like this. Aditya argues with her and leaves. Supreet says to them that they are not able to do anything until she leaves here. Later, Sonia shares her grief with them and asks them to take proper care of Rajvant and leaves there. Aditya asks Ginni to stop this drama now. He refused to reveal the truth to Amber.

Later, Ginni feels like someone following her. He kidnaps her. Ginni starts beating him for kidnapping her. Aditya reveals to her that it’s him. Both hugs each other. She shares with Armaan that Sonia United them. She revealed to them someone betrayed Ginni’s father. She handover the letter to Ginni. Someone intentionally accident him. There is someone trying to kill him. Ginni shares her doubts with him.