Channa Mereya 5th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Channa Mereya 5th November 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Ginni asking Aditya if he believes lies and then why he is here. Aditya tells her he is helpless and that’s why he is here and tells her that he doesn’t understand anything except the love he had for her. He then tells her that she doesn’t even deserve his hatred. He says to her that he hates her.

He also calls her a liar also reminds her about the promises she made to him on his mother’s birthday which she celebrated in this dhaba. Aditya then congratulates her which confuses Ginni. He asks Ginni don’t she not going to ask him why he is congratulating her. He then tells Ginni that he won’t tell her until she asks her the reason for congratulating her.

Channa Mereya 5th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Channa Mereya 5th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Ginni asks Aditya to go back home because he is drunk. Aditya shouts at her that he might be drunk now but he speaks the truth always unlike her who lies a lot and with a cunning motive to get everything. He then sees Ginni is receiving a call.

He asks her to answer it because it’s from his lawyer and tells her she will know why he congratulated her. Ginni remains silent. Aditya leaves the place. Ginni looks at the sky and tells her father that she never wanted all this to happen then why it’s happening though? She then receives a call again so she stares at her phone.

Aditya reaches his house in his intoxicated state and sits on the living room floor. Supreet rushes to him. Aditya tells her that he always thought he dont deserve to be loved by others that’s why he never received love. But then decided not to think about himself this way he is right that he is an undeserving person. Supreet tries to interrupt him but Aditya continues his talks. He tells her after so long he received so much love but God doesn’t like it that’s why he snatched it just like before. He also tells her that he still loves Ginni unconditionally which shocks Supreet.

Aditya tells Supreet that he was close to Gurkeerat and God snatched her from him then for sixteen years he is with Rajvant and now he is in a coma. Supreet assures him that Rajvant will recover soon. Aditya continues that he then gets attached to Ginni and controls his tears. He then tells there is a saying after losing they will earn victory but that’s not true because after losing they will fall hard than before and lose again and again then go inside. Supreet gets sad and upset.

In the morning the Singh are in the dining room to have breakfast. Shailaja asks Amber if he contacted their lawyer to find out any solution that Rajvant put them into. Amber told her that he discussed it with the lawyer and the latter told him he will contact them back once finding a solution.

Aditya arrives there. Amber shouts at the workers. The Singh hears the dhol is being played so they all get confused and see what’s happening. Ginni enters the house with her family members which shocks everyone. Ginni looks at Aditya and recalls how Gulraj celebrated learning about Rajvant’s decision to make her Singh’s business partner. She decides to take her family to Singh’s house. Ginni thinks that she can’t tell Gulraj why she is taking all of them to Singh’s house but she has some other reason. The FB ends.

Amber shouts at the Grewals and asks them to leave and threatens to call the police. He also calls out the security. Ginni goes to him and taunts him by asking him to call the police and shows him the documents and tells him that she is their business partner so they have to let her stay here as she has an equal saying in the business also which shocks everyone. Ginni then goes to Aditya and taunts him for not welcoming his business partner.

Aditya laughs at her and calls her a cunning woman and tells her that he misunderstands that Simran is the cunning one but he is wrong. He also tells her that he never thought she would act and tell him all she wants is justice for her father nothing else only to get their property which clearly proves that she never thought about getting justice for her father. He then congratulates Ginni for becoming their partner and drinks whiskey infront of her saying this is how they welcome their partner then leaves the place with a bottle in his hand.

Amber asks Gulraj to leave the house with his family saying her husband has nothing to do with the luxurious life he earned on his own and provided the same to his family. He also tells if they leave then he will provide some amount as a monthly income for them to run their family and if they refuse then he will make sure after Rajvant gain consciousness he will throw them out and put them behind the bars.

Shailaja insults the Grewal. She tells that she warned the family members about Ginni the day she married Aditya without anyone of their knowledge though. She also accuses Gulraj of the reason behind Ginni’s attempt to kill Rajvant.

Channa Mereya 5th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Ginni calms down Gulraj and then reminds Shailaja they have seen her with the oxygen inhaler pipe in her hand and no one saw her removing it from the mask so it can be anyone like Shailaja Supreet or Amber. She then taunts Amber for gaining people’s trust and betraying them.

She also tells the family members to get used to living with them and then goes out to take their things. Ginni puts the name board outside the house. Amber shouts at Ginni and her family but they all ignore him. Amber warns Ginni also threatens to file a case against her but Ginni tells him that his plan will backfire and he might lose the remaining fifty percent property too which shocks Amber.