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Chithi 11th June 2021 Written Update Venba performs the ‘Parigaram Puja’

चिट्टी 10 अप्रैल 2021 लिखित अपडेट: केविन और वेनबा का एक पल
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Chithi 11th June 2021 Written Update Venba performs the ‘Parigaram Puja’

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Kavin sneaks into Saradha’s house in the night and goes to Venba’s room. He finds Venba sleeping. Kavin wakes Venba up. The latter gets shocked on seeing him there at this late hour. kavin tries to persuade Venba to perform the ‘parigara puja’. Venba refuses. Kavin threatens to commit suicide by drinking the poison if Venba doesn’t agree to do the puja. Venba finally agrees. Venba says that she’s scared. Kavin reassures her.

The next day at the temple, Saradha and Shanmugam are sitting in the Yagam. Other hand the priest asks Kavin to pour turmeric water over the person, who will do ‘parigaram puja’. Kavin intentionally pours it on Venba as she’s the one, who is going to perform puja for Kavin without anyone’s knowledge.

Yazhini performs the parigaram. She is doing the knee walk on the salt surface holding diya and ‘Thali’ in her each hands. Nandhini asks Yazhini why she is doing such painful ‘parigaram’ to which Yazhini says that she can do anything for kavin. The latter makes an excuse and runs to Venba. He says that he feels bad to ask her to do ‘parigaram’ when she’s not well, but they don’t have any other option.

Kavin informs Venba that Yazhini started doing the knee walk and asks Venba to start too. Venba hesitates and tells Kavin to marry Yazhini and live happily. Kavin gets furious and says that he will end his life by drinking poison. Venba acepts to do ‘the parigaram’ with other way. Yazhini shouts Kavin when her diya blows out due to the wind and cries. Kavin runs to Yazhini and pacifies her. He lights the diya again and reassures Yazhini. On seeing Yazhini crying in pain, Kavin asks her to stop the ‘parigaram’, but Yazhini is adamant to finish the ‘parigaram’ at all cost. Kavin goes to Venba and tells that Yazhini is almost completed the ‘parigaram’ and adds that Venba should also complete it fast so that she can sit in the final puja.

Yazhini finishes the ‘parigaram’ and goes to the place where Saradha and Shanmugam performing Yagam with the diya and placed it in the puja. Kavin exchanges that diya with the diya brought by Venba when others are praying closing their eyes.

Kavin signs the priest. The latter makes an excuse and asks Venba to sit in the puja as well. The priest asks Yazhini to give the ‘Thali’ to Saradha. The priest increases the smoke deliberately. They all cough and feel irritation in their eyes. Kavin and Venba use this opportunity and Venba hands her ‘Thali’ in Saradha’s hand while Kavin takes the ‘Thali’ from Yazhini’s hand hides it. Saradha puts the Thali in the Yagam and makes successful Venba’s parigaram. Unaware of getting fooled, Yazhini gets overjoyed thinking that she has finshed the ‘parigaram’ and thanks Saradha. Kavin and Yazhini take Saradha’s blessings. Venba also bends down at the same time on the pretext of picking her bangle up and touches Saradha’s feet.

The ends.

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