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Chithi 13th August 2021 Written Update: Yazhini praises Kavin and Venba

Chithi 10th August 2021 Written Update: Natraj introducing Venba to Subulakshmi
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Chithi 13th August 2021 Written Update: Yazhini praises Kavin and Venba

Chithi 13th August 2021 Written Update

Chithi Upcoming Story, The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist, now in the upcoming drama. Chithi 13th August 2021 Written Update…

Subulakshmi calling Natraj. Subulakshmi tells Natraj to send Kavin home to take the lunch. Natraj says that she could have called him directly, he is in an important meeting. Subulakshmi says that she doesn’t have Kavin’s number. Natraj gives Kavin’s number. Subulakshmi tries to call Kavin, but he’s not answering the call. So she tells Venba to take lunch to Natraj’s office and instructs him to give it to Kavin if Natraj is in the meeting. Venba nods ok and leaves.

Gowri gets shocked on seeing the broken mobile and asks what happened. Gowri guessed that it has some connection to Kavin and Venba and it should be good news so Mallika is furious. Yazhini says that Kavin and Venba got jobs and they bought bikes mobile Yazhini praises Kavin and Venba. Mallika says that she gave Kavin the education and experience. Gowri says that all mothers give this to their children.

Chithi 13th August 2021 Written Update

Mallika says that she can’t wish happiness for Kavin who isn’t bothered about his mother. She then tells how difficult it was for her to bring Kavin up being a single mother. Mallika vows to bring Kavin back home. Yazhini taunts Gowri. She reminds Gowri that she’s her daughter, but she’s supporting Venba. She tells her to learn from Mallika how to show affection.

Yazhini angrily walks away. Gowri wonders whether Yazhini is right and what she’s doing wrong with Yazhini by supporting Venba. She prays to God to forgive her if she has done anything wrong.

At the office, Natraj arranged a meeting and called Kavin. The latter comes. Natraj and the staff ask Kavin to explain how he recovered the deleted file the other day. Kavin hesitates. Natraj and the staffs request Kavin. The latter thinks about whether he should tell Natraj about his real educational quality and experience. He decides to maintain his lie. Kavin starts to explain.

Venba reaches the office. She asks the security guard where Natraj is. Venba learns that he’s in a meeting. She goes to place the lunch bag in the dining room. Venba stops on seeing Kavin. She gets happy on seeing him. She misunderstands that Kavin is working in Natraj’s office and worries that Kavin will get upset if he learns that she’s working as a housekeeper at Natraj’s house.

Venba sees Kavin writing on the whiteboard and explaining. She starts admiring him forgetting everything. The security guard brings Venba to reality. He alters Venba that Natraj will get angry if he does eat lunch on time. Venba nods ok. Venba thinks that from the next day she should give Kavin a good shirt to wear to the office.

Natraj comes to the dining hall. Natraj tells Venba to get another plate for Kavin. Venba gets nervous. Natraj praises Kavin and says that he solved the problem that even the expert can’t solve. Venba understands that Natraj is talking about Kavin and gets sad that she can’t reveal Kavin is her husband. Natraj tells Venba to get the plate from inside. Venba goes in.

That time Kavin comes to Natraj. The latter insist Kavin have lunch with him. Venba gets nervous hearing this. Kavin refuses thinking that Natraj’s wife would have cooked. Natraj says that it was made by the girl who made bajji the other day. Kavin agrees to have lunch. Venba gets shocked hearing this.

Natraj calls out Venba and tells her to serve the lunch, they are starving. Venba wonders what to do now. Natraj and Kavin are waiting for Venba. The latter decides to go. She opens the door and gulps on seeing Kavin. Kavin didn’t see Venba as his back is facing her.Chithi 13th August 2021 Written Update.

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