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Chithi 15th June 2021 Written Episode Update

Chithi 20th July 2021 Written Episode Update
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Chithi 15th June 2021 Written Episode Update

Chithi The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Yazhini coming back home lamenting that Kavin left her alone in the hotel. She stops hearing Kavin’s voice coming from the garage. She goes to check and gets dumbstruck on seeing Kavin and Navin. Kavin is reprimanding Navin. Yazhini gets confused when Navin calls Kavin as brother. Kavin says that Navin did wrong. He shouldn’t have left a girl alone in the hotel and also he confessed his love to her. Kavin asks if any lover would do like this with his girlfriend. Yazhini realizes that Navin is the one who was with her and thinks they have intentionally sent Navin in her life. Navin apologizes to Kavin and says that he will apologize to Yazhini. Kavin asks Navin to text him before coming home so that he can hide. Yazhini says that they both have fooled her and will not them.

Yazhini is pacing back and forth wondering how Navin looks like Kavin, how it’s possible. She feels disgusted to let Navin allow her kiss and get close to her. She scolds herself for trusting Navin. She says that Kavin and Venba played with her emotions. She decides to find who Navin is first then teach all of them a lesson. Navin phones Yazhini. The latter angrily throws her phone breaking it. Navin wonders why Yazhini isn’t answering his calls. She must be furious for leaving her alone in the hotel. Mohanraj phones Navin. Mohanraj asks Navin to meet him immediately. Navin asks how he can meet him immediately, he isn’t in Chennai. Mohanraj shocks Kavin revealing that he knows he’s in Chennai. Mohanraj gives his location’s address and asks him to come in 10 mins. Navin wonders how Mohanraj got to know that he’s in Chennai and drives off.

Navin comes to meet Mohanraj. He prays that dad shouldn’t know that he’s staying at Kavin’s place. Kavin lies to Mohanraj that he has come to Chennai today evening for some business work. Mohanraj says that he knows he’s lying and reveals that he also knows he’s staying at Kavin’s house. Navin denies it. Mohanraj shouts asking Navin to stop lying. He says that he can differentiate between Navin and Kavin. He first handshakes with Kavin, who is very confident and then he handshakes with Navin, who is affraid of everything, for the second time. Mohanraj announces that they are leaving. Navin requests Mohanraj to let him stay with Mallika and Kavin for some more days.

Mohanraj says that they are moving to abroad leaving everything behind which shocks Navin. He further says that their business, the money everything belonged to Mallika’s father. He divided the properties equally when they got divorced. Mallika had told that the day when Navin would come to her and would decide to stay with her, all the property would go back to Mallika. As she told Navin has come here and he may have decided to stay with her, now their properties will go to Mallika. He doesn’t care about the properties, but he doesn’t want to lose him, so he wants to leave for abroad with him. Navin says that he got to know what family is and also he got attached with Yazhini and requests Mohanraj to let him enjoy this for some more time. Mohanraj is admant. He says that they’re leaving tonight and asks him to choose between him and his mother and her family. Navin sadly drives the car remembering all his moments with Mallika, Kavin-Venba and Yazhini. Kavin and Venba having a discussion about their honeymoon and joking. They get shocked on seeing Navin.

The episode ends.

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