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Chithi 28th May 2021 Written Update Venba learns that Kavin loves her

चिट्टी 10 अप्रैल 2021 लिखित अपडेट: केविन और वेनबा का एक पल
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Chithi 28th May 2021 Written Update Venba learns that Kavin loves her

Chithi The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Kavin proposing Yazhini misunderstanding her for Venba. Yazhini gets on cloud nine hearing Kavin, but Yazhini’s smile disappears when Kavin takes Venba’s name. Kavin somehow handles the situation and tells that Venba is his best friend. Yazhini tells that she understands their friendship. Yazhini notices Venba and calls her. Venba teases Kavin. Yazhini is overjoyed and thanks Kavin and leaves. Kavin tries to tell Venba that he wanted to propose her, but Venba doesn’t listen to him and says that she is happy he confessed his feelings to Yazhini in front of her, at least now she can do her work without any confusion. FB ends.

Kavin tells that he poured all his feelings in a recording to give to Venba. FB shows. Kavin tells that he misunderstood Yazhini for Venba as they both were wearing same color dress. He confesses that he loves Venba and wants to marry her. He will be waiting for her answer and if her answer is yes, he will talk to her Chithi and his mother to fix their marriage. Kavin goes to Venba and hands her his gift. Venba tells that she will unwrap the gift after completing her work. Kavin goes to his cabin and prays to God that Venba should say yes. Venba unwraps Kavin’s gift and sees the gift. Before she can hear the recording, Venba receives her chithi’s call and goes out to meet her. In the meantime, Kavin comes to Venba’s cabin. Kavin finds his gift unwrapped and misunderstands that Venba listened his voice recording and gets overjoyed.

Later Kavin asks Venba if she liked his gift to which Venba replies that she liked it. Kavin misunderstands that Venba liked him and gets on cloud nine. He stares at Venba lovingly sitting at his desk while a romantic song plays in the BG. FB ends.

Kavin tells that his family fixed his engagement with Yazhini and it created lot of confusion in his life. FB shows. Kavin gets ready for the engagement. He decides to confess his love for Venba to Mallika and stops the engagement. He goes to Mallika. He hears Mallika talking with her friend over phone. Mallika tells her friend to not accept his son’s love as the girl from a middle class and tells that if Kavin had loved a middle class girl, she would have killed that girl. On hearing this Kavin gets scared and decides to not tell his mother about his love for Venba in order to protect Venba.

Venba comes to the engagement ceremony. Kavin thanks her for coming. Kavin wings at Venba and signs her to come to upstairs. Kavin tells Venba that he’s waiting for her to say. Venba jokes. Kavin gets irritated and tells that she loves him, but she hides her feelings which shocks Venba. Kavin tells that even if she doesn’t confess her feelings now, the engagement will happen. Venba stops him and tells that he’s mistaking her. Yazhini loves him and he also proposed her in front him. Kavin asks if she hasn’t heard his voice recording in the gift. Venba takes out the gift from her bag and asks this one. Kavin nods yes. Venba plays the recording and gets shocked on hearing Kavin’s love confession.
She gets teary eyes.

The episode ends.

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