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Chithi 31st August 2021 Written Update: Mallika Kavin get into an argument

Chithi 10th August 2021 Written Update: Natraj introducing Venba to Subulakshmi
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Chithi 31st August 2021 Written Update: Mallika Kavin gets into an argument: Chithi The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist, now in the upcoming drama.

Chithi 31st August 2021 Written Update: Mallika Kavin gets into an argument

Venba seeing Subulakshmi and Natraj completing the puja and distributing the prasad to few mothers asking them to pray for them. Venba thinks that Subulakshmi and Natraj are longing to have a kid and get emotional. She prays to God to fulfill their wish. Venba goes inside the temple and prays to Murukar for Kavin’s wellbeing so that Kavin can win the challenge against Mallika. Venba asks the priest to place her bank passbook near God’s statue and give it.

The priest does so. Venba leaves. Mallika and Yazhini come there. Mallika prays that Kavin loses in his challenge and comes back to her leaving Venba. Yazhini prays that she should get Kavin. Mallika and Yazhini stand in a queue to get the prasad. Mallika and Subulakshmi get shocked at seeing each other. They both get into a heated argument. Yazhini gets shocked on seeing Mallika’s reaction. Venba also comes there hearing their shout and witness their fight. Mallika and Subulakshmi blame each other for betrayal and scold each other. Yazhini and Natraj try to stop them in vain.

Chithi 31st August 2021 Written Update

Kavin is also looks noticed Mallika and Subulakshmi’s fight and looks shocked. Mallika snatches the prasad plate from Yazhini’s hand and throws it saying it’s a sin to get eat anything that comes from Subulakshmi’s hand. Kavin gets into the car on seeing Mallika and Yazhini coming out of the temple. Mallika and Yazhini leave. Venba gets worried thinking that Mallika will get angrier if she learns Kavin and her are working for Subulakshmi and Natraj. Kavin wonders what’s the enmity between Mallika and Subulakshmi.

Subulakshmi and Natraj meet Natraj’s friend and his family in the temple. Nathan’s friend introduces his family to Natraj and Subulakshmi. He says that his son has studied in Malaysia, but he wants to do business in India, so he left Malaysia. Natraj’s friend praises his son’s look and English language fluency.

He enquires about Natraj and Subulakshmi’s children. He asks how many kids they have and enquires about their children’s gender. Subulakshmi and Natraj are unable to answer and feel bad. Kavin and Venba witness this. Suddenly Kavin comes there and calls Subulakshmi’s mom shocking Natraj and Subulakshmi.

Chithi 31st August 2021 Written Update

Kavin asks Subulakshmi what she’s doing still there, the puja is finished. If they leave late, they will get stuck in a traffic jam. Natraj’s friend compliments Kavin’s look and says that he looks like a Bollywood film hero. Kavin speaks in English and discusses a business deal with Natraj. The latter looks shocked on seeing Kavin’s English fluency.

Natraj’s friend says that his son can even act in Hollywood movies for his English fluency. Natraj’s friend and his wife praise Subulakshmi and Natraj and say that they should be proud of Kavin. After Natraj’s friend’s family left, Kavin apologizes to Subulakshmi and Natraj for lying that he’s their son. Subulakshmi and Natraj say that he’s exactly what they dreamt about their son. They have an emotional conversation. Venba feels proud of Kavin. Chithi 31st August 2021 Written Update.

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