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Chithi 31st May 2021 Written Episode Update

चिट्टी 10 अप्रैल 2021 लिखित अपडेट: केविन और वेनबा का एक पल
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Chithi 31st May 2021 Written Episode Update

Chithi The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Venba hearing Kavin’s recording and realizing that Kavin loves her. However she tells it’s wrong as Yazhini loves him. Kavin tells that Venba also loves, but she hides her feelings. He asks her to confess her feelings now then he will stop this engagement. Venba repeats that it’s wrong. Kavin tells it’s enough and adds that he will prove right now she loves him. Kavin locks his lips with hers. Venba comes to her sense and pushes him away. Kavin asks if she doesn’t love him.

Venba replies negatively. Kavin calls it a lie. She loves him. Therefore she is still calmly talking to him after he kissed her. Venba tells that they don’t have any match and opens the door. They find Mallika in front of them. Mallika questions what she’s doing here. Venba gives an excuse. Mallika takes Kavin downstairs. FB ends.

Kavin tells that the other day, he got engaged with Yazhini in his family’s point of view, but for him, he got engaged with Venba. FB shows. Kavin and Yazhini asked to exchange the rings. Kavin turns to Yazhini to make her wear the ring and sees Venba in the place of Yazhini. He smiles and imagines dancing with Venba. Then they exchange garlands with all showering flowers on them. Kavin is lost in his dreamworld. Yazhini brings Kavin to the reality. FB ends.

Kavin tells that Venba loves him very much, but her circumstances didn’t allow Venba to confess her feelings for him. That time he did so much crazy things. FB shows. Kavin phones Venba. Sevandhi attends the call. Kavin recognizes it’s not Venba’s voice
He asks to give the phone to Venba. Kavin expresses to Venba his love for her and asks her to promise that she doesn’t love him. Venba promises that she doesn’t have any feelings for him. Kavin announces that he’s going to die and cuts the call. Venba gets worried for Kavin. Sevandhi scolds Venba for hiding her feelings from Kavin. She tells that she’s lucky to get a person, who is ready to give his life for her. She advises Venba to go and save Kavin. They both leave.

Venba and Sevandhi are on the way in the auto. Meanwhile Kavin is driving the car in high speed. FB ends. Kavin tells that he lost all the hope on his love. That time he met Kayal, who gave him a new hope. FB shows. Kayal questions Kavin why he’s riding the car in high speed. Kavin tells that he lost everything. He narrates his love story to Kayal. That time Venba and Sevandhi come there. Sevendhi reprimands Kavin for taking such big steps. Kayal asks kavin who she’s.

Kavin tells that she’s Venba whom he loves. Venba tells that she’s only a staff in Kavin’s office and there is no any relationship between them. She reminds that he got engaged with Yazhini and he shouldn’t waste his time thinking about him. She tells to be happy marrying Yazhini and leaves from there with Sevandhi. Kayal tells Kavin that she saw in Venba’s eyes love for him, but as he got engaged with Yazhini, she doesn’t want to come between. Kayal tells Kavin to marry Venba without her knowledge. Kavin isn’t convinced, but Kayal persuades him marrying Venba secretly.

The episode ends.

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