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Chithi 3rd September 2021 Written Update

Chithi 10th August 2021 Written Update: Natraj introducing Venba to Subulakshmi
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Chithi 3rd September 2021 Written Update: Chithi The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist, now in the upcoming drama.

Chithi 3rd September 2021 Written Update

Yazhini strangling Dharma. She hears some sound. She leaves him and angrily leaves from there taking the diary. Dharma cries. Gowri comes back to her room and sees Dharma crying. She gets worried and asks him why he’s crying. She wipes his tears. She says that she doesn’t know why he’s crying, he can’t even say this, no one should suffer like this.

Yazhini goes to her room and locks the door. She cries merging her back on the door. She then puts the diary in her wardrobe. She looks at the photo frame of Gowri, Yazhini, and Dharma. She asks crying if Gowri’s love for her is fake. That’s why Gowri was talking harshly with her and nicely with Venba. Yazhini takes Kevin’s photo frame and says her love for Kavin is true and she can’t lose him at any cost.

Chithi 3rd September 2021 Written Update

She cries hard lamenting. Someone knocks on the door, Yazhini gets scared. Yazhini wipes her tears and tells herself that no one is aware of the truth and she should not expose herself by crying. Yazhini opens the door and finds Mallika. The latter asks what happened why she took a long time to open the door. Yazhini says nothing. Mallika says that something is wrong, her face is dull, and questions Yazhini.

The latter says that all of a sudden she lost hope of marrying Kavin since she got to know that they were chosen as the best couple at the college reunion party. Mallika says that men’s likes keep changing and assures Yazhini that she will get Yazhini married to Kavin. Yazhini thinks whether Mallika will say the same if she learns she’s not Gowri’s daughter. Mallika reassures Yazhini and leaves.

Venba phones Gowri and asks if she checked the locker. Gowri asks what she’s talking about. Venba says that she called her just a few hours before told the locker number. Gowri says that she just came out from the puja room. Venba wonders then who has answered the call and worries whether she has told the lock number to Yazhini or Mallika. Gowri asks Venba to give her the locker number now. Venba gives it and asks her to check the locker immediately and inform her. Gowri agrees.

Gowri goes to Dharma and says that Venba called few hours before and told the locker number to someone and asks to whom she would have said. Gowri opens the wardrobe and gets shocked finding the locker open. She checks and finds it empty. Gowri asks Dharma if anyone has come here and opened the locker.

Chithi 3rd September 2021 Written Update

Gowri asks Dharma to give at least a sign. Gowri cries and phones Venba. Gowri says that the locker is open and it’s empty. Venba says that there’s something important in that locker, so Dharma kept it locked. Venba doubts Mallika. Gowri says that Mallika can’t do such a cheap act. Gowri assures Venba to find about it.

Venba cries and laments that she could find who are her parents. Kavin comes back home. He finds Venba sad and asks what happened. She says nothing. Kavin goes to make tea for both of them. Venba apologizes in heart to Kavin for hiding the matter related to her biological parents from him. Kavin and Venba drink the tea.

Kavin says that a couple can have a secret between them and there’s nothing wrong with it. Kavin says true love is giving space to each other. He asks her to be cool without stressing about anything. Venba lays her head on Kavin’s lap and says that Kavin proved again that he’s her soulmate. Kavin smiles caressing her hair. Chithi 3rd September 2021 Written Update.

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