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Chithi 7th July 2021 Written Update Venba hides her pain

Chithi 20th July 2021 Written Episode Update
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Chithi 7th July 2021 Written Update Venba hides her pain

Chithi The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.Chithi 7th July 2021 Written Update.

The episode starts with Ravi and Kavin discussing. Ravi is about to spill the truth about Nandhini, but he realizes his mistake and handles the situation. Kavin’s friend comes and takes Kavin to the conference hall. Kavin explains about their project and the tender amount to other members. They find the tender amount very low and they’re scared to invest in this project. Kavij assures them stating that he successfully completed many projects for Kavin infotech. The board members admit that because of Kavin’s brilliant ideas Kacin infotech reached the number one position. They say that they trust him and ask Kavin to prepare a detailed report of this project so that they can have a clear idea of the profit that they will get through this project.

Mallika receives Nandhini’s video. She checks it and laughs seeing video recording of Venba doing household works and crying. Yazhini sees Mallika laughing loud and goes to check. Mallika shows the video to Yazhini and the latter also starts laughing. Gowri comes there hearin their laughter and enquires about the same. Mallika shows the video to Gowri. Gowri gets shocked on seeing the video and scolds Mallika and Yazhini to behave like saddist. Mallika says that she was also hurt since the day Kavin left the house with Venba. Gowri reminds Mallika that she threw Kavin out of the house.

Mallika says that she told him to leave the house in anger, but he shouldn’t have left the house. She expected that Kavin would have begged her. She expresses her hatred for Venba. Gowri tells that she also hated Venba in the initial stage, but later she realized her goodness and advises Mallika to accept Venba. Mallika refuses. Mallika firmly says that Venba will return her son to her by herself, then she will get Yazhini married to Kavin. Yazhini also agrees with Mallika. Gowri walks away saying that they will never mend their ways.

Venba informs Nandhini that she has cleaned the kitchen and finished all household work, so she’s going to sleep. Nandini nods ok. Venba goes to her room. Nandhini notices that Kavin and Venba’s room AC is on and fumes. She thinks of plan to turn off the AC.

Venba tells Kavin that she bought water for in the bottle and tells him to finish it before morning as he doesn’t drink lot of water due to his work. Kavin shares with Venba what happened in the project presentation meeting. Venba encourages him. Kavin asks Venba for a kiss. She kisses him and they share a moment.

Nandhini knocks on the door. Venba comes out. Nadhini gives the milk class to Venba and tells her to give to Kavin. Nandhini tells her to come downstairs after giving the milk. Venba worries and goes in.

Nandhini tells Venba to not use AC else they will be charged huge amount for electricity usage. Venba says that she can sleep with fan, but Kavin couldn’t as he’s not used to this. Nandhini reminds Venba their current situation and insults her. Venba cries and agrees to turn off the AC. Nandhini tells that Kavin shouldn’t know that she has told her this. Venba nods ok.

Venba goes back to her room. Kavin sats that Nadhini is very caring and they should thank her morning. Venba nods on and takes a smile. She wonders how to convince Kavin to turn off the AC.Chithi 7th July 2021 Written Update.

The episode ends.

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