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Chithi 9th July 2021 Written Update: Kavin buys gifts for Venba

Chithi 20th July 2021 Written Episode Update
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Chithi 9th July 2021 Written Update: Kavin buys gifts for Venba

Chithi Upcoming Story, The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.Chithi 9th July 2021 Written Update….

The episode starts with Ravi telling that Kavin’s all hardwork went vain. Mallika being a mother should’ve thought about Kavin’s betterment. Kavim says that Kavin’s infotech owner isn’t like that. Kavin sends Ravi saying he wants to be alone. Kavin wanders on the road. A girl stops Kavin and requests him to change the car’s punctured tire as the mechanic isn’t picking up her call. Kavin moves away, but stops when the girl says that it’s emergency, she will give her thousand rupees Kavin changes the car tire.

Yazhini comes to that area to meet someone. She notices Kavin and feels bad. The girl gives Kavin money. Kavin refuses to take it. The girl says that this is his hard earned money and tells him to accept it. Kavin takes the money. The girl drives off thanking him. Kavin smiles looking at the money. Yazhini comes there and scolds him to get money from anyone like a beggar. She reminds him his luxurious life. Kavin tells Yazhini to not speak ill of any work. Yazhini tells Kavin to return home, she will make him forget Venba. Kavin scolds her and walks away.

Kavin wonders what to do with the money. He decides of celebrating with Venba his first hard earned money. He goes to a fancy shop to buy a gift for Venba. He recalls Venba buying different types of pottu. The staff asks Kavin what he wants. Kavin buys different varieties of pottu. The staff smile and discuss whether Kavin is buying pottu for his lover or his wife. Kavin hears this and clarifies that he’s buying it for his wife. The staff says that he’s wife is very lucky.

Kavin then goes to a saree shop. He tells the salesman to show dark color saree. He sees different shades red color sarees and finally gets what he’s looking for in his budget and gets elated. The salesman complains that he made them unwrap lot of sarees just to buy a saree worth of three hundred. Kavin says that he wanted to buy his wife’s favorite color. The salesmen praise Kavin.

Yazhini comes back home and tells Mallika that they should go to Kavin and bring him back home. Mallika says that Kavin left the house on his own. Yazhini says that she can’t see Kavin changing tires on the road. Mallika asks what she’s blabbering. Morning she got to know that Kavin is going to submit a profitable project which could help him to win in the challenge against her, so she spoiled the project. Yazhini tells that she saw Kavin changing tire on the road. His shirt was dirt and he was sweating. She never saw him like this. Mallika says that he must’ve helped someone. Yazhini denies and says that the girl paid Kavin thousand rupees and Kavin got elated on getting such small amount. Yazhini wants to convince Kavin and bring home. Mallika tells that they have to let Kavin suffer so that he leaves Venba and tells Yazhini to be patient till that.

The episode ends.

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