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Choti Sardarni 10th July 2021 Written Update: Harleen instigates Sarab

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Choti Sardarni 10th July 2021 Written Update: Harleen instigates Sarab

Choti Sardarni Upcoming Story, The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.Choti Sardarni 10th July 2021 Written Update….

Episode begins with Sarab and Kids washes the dishes and Sarab recalls that what all Karan and Param said about Meher. Then Sarab asks Karan and Param to get rid of their greedyness and tells them that they didn’t trust each other just by believing Kulwant’s lies. He tells them that Seher is more mature than them. He tells Kids that they should stay together always to win in life and asks Param and Karan to hug each other. Seher makes them hug. Sarab asks Seher to reunite them in the future too if they fight with each other then.

Meher tells Kulwant that she is ashamed to call her as mother and asks her that how can the latter stoop this low and in revenge the latter didn’t even cared about Param and Karan’s life. Kulwant starts laughing and reminds her that she also begged to not send her to jail but the latter didn’t listen her and tells her that she succeeded in her first plan and she will witness next plan’s result soon. She tells her that she destroyed everything and the latter did her life’s biggest mistake by going against her and now Karan and Param become each other’s enemy and her next target is the latter and Sarab’s relationship. Meher tells her that no can come in between her and Sarab not even God.

Seher asks Sarab that why Meher saved Karan first. Sarab asks her that what she saw. She tells him that Meher saved Karan with both of her hands and Param tried to move by himself then Meher saved Param. He tells her that Meher loves all three of equally. Harleen overhears their conversation. Later, Harleen asks Sarab to think as Param’s father not as Meher’s husband and tells him that Param never lies and moreover Karan, Seher also saying the same thing and the truth is today Meher choosed Karan over Param.

Next day, Sarab recalls Param, Karan and Seher’s words. He tells God that here only Meher and Param met each other and then Param become Meher’s life but today Kids saying that Meher left Param’s hands but how can he believe that and refuses to believe that Meher choosed Karan over Param and decides to talk to Meher to know the truth then changes his mind. He wonders that what Meher will think that if she got to know that he is doubting her but he is not able to ignore Kids words too. He thinks that what to do to know the truth.

Harleen calls Sarab and tells him that Param behaving weirdly. Sarab asks her to show Param through video call. Param talks in sleep asking that why Meher left his hands and pleads her to save him. Meher wakes him and consoles him. But he pushes her and hugs Harleen. Sarab cries seeing Param then he reaches the house and Harleen scolds him for not listening Param.

Episode ends.

Precap – Sarab searches Param’s marksheet and Meher asks him that why he wants that now. He tells her that he want to tell her something.

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