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Choti Sardarni 3rd September 2021 Written Update

Choti Sardarni 3rd September 2021 Written Update
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Choti Sardarni 3rd September 2021 Written Update: Choti Sardarni The serial never fails to impress the audience with interesting drama and twists, now in the upcoming drama Rajveer calls Nikhil and asks him to gather everyone in the hall because he and Seher took a decision and want to disclose that to everyone. After some time, Seher and Rajveer reach the home. Badi B asks them that what happened to them. Massiji asks them where they went. Karan asks them that why they are coming from outside when Didiji said that they are on the terrace.

The guest asks them that where they went leaving their sangeet ceremony. Didiji and Nikhil come there. Rajveer kneels in front of Didiji and tells her that he knows that how much this marriage matters for her and Seher’s mobile ring tone interrupts him. Seher goes aside to pick the call and Kidnapper asks her to arrange 10 crores if she wants Kunal alive then. Then she receives Kunal’s picture on her mobile.

Choti Sardarni 3rd September 2021 Written Update

Choti Sardarni 3rd September 2021 Written Update

Didiji makes Rajveer stand and asks him that why he seems tense and what happened. Maasiji asks him that what he wants to say. Seher drops her mobile in shock and Rajveer notices that and goes to her. He takes the mobile and shocks seeing Kunal’s picture. Param asks Seher that what happened and why she seems upset. Rajveer tells him that he and Seher argued with each other for a small matter so Seher is angry with him. He says to him that he realized that it was his mistake so he wanted to apologize to Seher in front of everyone. He apologizes to Seher saying that he won’t repeat his mistake and takes her from there.

He video calls the Kidnapper and asks him that what the latter wants and why he kidnapped Kunal. Kidnapper shows Kunal. Seher asks Kunal to say something. Rajveer tells Kunal that he won’t let anything happen to him. Kidnapper asks him to not contact Police otherwise the latter won’t get Kunal alive. He tells him to arrange 10 crores till tomorrow. Seher agrees to give money to him and asks him to not harm Kunal. Kidnapper disconnects the call.

Anu tells Didiji that Gill’s family can arrange 10 crores easily so she is not understanding that what’s the latter’s plan. Didiji smirks hearing her. Seher wonders that how she is going to arrange 10 crores. Rajveer tells her that he can arrange that money definitely.

Choti Sardarni 3rd September 2021 Written Update

The next day, Rajveer struggles to arrange 10 crores. Didiji asks him that how much the latter wants. He recalls Kidnapper’s warning and thinks that he can’t tell the truth to her. He tells her that he just wants money to buy gifts for Seher. Then he informs Seher that he can’t involve Didiji in this matter but he will try for sure. Seher tells him that she can arrange it so he does need not worry.

Karan learns that the court has frozen their bank accounts. Seher also learns about it and asks Badi B that how she is going to arrange 10 crores now. Badi B suggests she sell Meher’s jewels to save Kunal. Seher reaches the jewelry shop and picks Rajveer’s call. He tells her that he will arrange money for sure before the Mehandi ceremony.

Didiji overhears his conversation with Seher and thinks of some plan. Seher tells Rajveer that she is selling her jewels to arrange money. He asks her that where is she now and he will reach her. She tells the jewelry shop name to him. Maasiji tells Didiji that she is going to give 10 crore cash as ‘shagun’ to Seher. Rajveer hears her. Choti Sardarni 3rd September 2021 Written Update.

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