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Choti Sardarni 4th June 2021 Written Update Meher expose Kulwant

Choti Sardarni 13th April 2021 लिखित अपडेट: सरब ने सेहर का जन्मदिन मनाने का फैसला किया
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Choti Sardarni 4th June 2021 Written Update Meher expose Kulwant

Choti Sardarni The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama

Episode begins with Seher asks Sarab that why bride applies mehandi on her hand. Kulwant tells her that it explains that, how much groom loves the bride. Sarab moves aside. Kulwant asks Meher about the file. Meher tells her she hired private detective to investigate Sarab’s accident case and he gave this file, it has 4 suspects name. Kulwant tells her that she will put that file in her room. Meher stops her saying that she want to know those 4 suspects name and asks her to read the names.

Kulwant reads Sarab’s cousin name, opposition political party leader, one more person’s name. Meher and Sarab asks her that who is 4th person. Yuvi pushes Kulwant while playing and apologize to her. Kulwant drops the file and the paper fells on mehandi. Meher asks her to tell the 4th person’s name. Kulwant tells her that paper got ruined so don’t know who is that 4th person.

Harleen introduces Saina to everyone. Saina asks everyone to pick one card saying that, that will explain their current situation. Meher thinks she should know the 4th person’s name no matter what and leaves from there to call the private detective. Sarab thinks Meher may blame him if he hide the truth from her then and decides to tell the truth to her.

Meher calls Mr. Negi and asks about the 4th person’s name. Sarab disconnects the call. She asks him that why he did that. He tells her that their bond is based on trust and they never lied to each other till now. She gets confused hearing him. He tells her that he has written 4th person’s name in her hand and shows it to her. She shocks seeing her hand. He reveals that, that day Kulwant drived that truck.

She removes the mehandi from her hand and cries and asks him to tell that it’s a lie. He tells her that he is saying the truth, and he suspected Kulwant, when she said the wrong number to RTO and on sangeet day Yuvi entered Gill mansion without band because Kulwant had Yuvi’s band and he learnt that 2 people beated the photo shop owner, and he even saw Kulwant when she tried to destroy the evidence.

She asks him that why Kulwant trying to destroy her happiness and why he didn’t said the truth to her earlier. He tells her that he knows that she will break down knowing the truth and he thought Kulwant will confess but that didn’t happen. She tells him that she failed to understand that Kulwant won’t change no matter what.

She tells him that now she won’t waste a second too and she has to expose Kulwant right now. He tells her that they don’t have any evidence against Kulwant right now so they can’t act impulsively now and they should make her fell on their trap.

Harleen comes there and tells them that everyone waiting for them. Sarab tells her that she and Meher planned special dance performance. Seher, Karan and Param dances on “Saajanji Ghar Aaye” song. Then, Sarab explains the theme of the dance performance.

Episode ends.

Precap – Meher and Sarab dances together.

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