Coin Bureau Warns Of Potential Grim Price Potential For Polygon Matic Heres Why

Coin Bureau Warns Of Potential Grim Price Potential For Polygon Matic Heres Why: Guy, who runs the popular cryptocurrency YouTube station Coin Bureau, talks in a new video about the cryptocurrency called Polygon (MATIC).

Guy tells his fans that there are a lot of MATIC coins right now. This could make MATIC less expensive.

There are different facts about MATIC in different sources. According to one website, there are now 600 million more MATIC coins than four months ago. The number hasn’t changed, according to another source. On the other hand, Guy thinks that the number has grown because of what he saw in his old film.

Guy thinks most of these new MATIC coins come from the Polygon Foundation, the group behind MATIC.

Coin Bureau

A lot of MATIC coins have been used by the Polygon team lately. The price might go down as a result. People say the price is decreasing because the Foundation is selling, which makes sense when you look at the numbers.

The Foundation did a lot of different projects with MATIC coins last year. Some of these projects involve buying from other companies or using new technologies.

Guy thinks all the MATIC coins from the Foundation were used for these or other projects.

Guy thinks that the price of MATIC might not go up soon because so many are being sold. Whether or not the price goes up will depend on how many people want MATIC and what happens with the Polygon network.

He also says that MATIC seems to be less popular now. Few new people are using the Polygon method, and the number of people using it is decreasing. This could hurt the price of MATIC.

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