COVID-19 Lockdown In Haryana; How To Apply For E-Pass

COVID-19 Lockdown In Haryana; How To Apply For E-Pass/Movement Pass
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COVID-19 Lockdown In Haryana; How To Apply For E-Pass

India is currently witnessing a new wave of the COVID-19 pandemic and the rising number of active cases is a big concern. This surge in the COVID-19 infection spread has caused a panic situation across the country. The health system has been struggling to handle all the emergencies at hand. The internet is flooded with reports citing a shortage of oxygen supply as well beds. Looking at the situation, Delhi and other states already announced lockdowns ad weekend curfews to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Delhi announced its first-weekend curfew back in April followed by a full lockdown. Only essential services have been made accessible during this period. Haryana also followed in the footsteps and like other states (UP, Goa, Maharastra, etc.) has extended its weekend lockdown. The week-long lockdown came into effect starting May, 3, i.e Monday due to the rising number of coronavirus cases.

Speaking of the numbers, Haryana has recorded over five lakh COVID 19 cases as of now and has recorded over 4,000 patients’ death. The active cases have surged over one lakh by now which further called for this lockdown situation.

The public movements have been restricted and you need a valid reason to go outside your house if you are residing in Haryana. While the essential services are allowed, you will still need an e-pass if you for movement. You can use the online platform to register for an e-pass. So, what is the easy way to apply for an e-pass in Haryana during a lockdown? Let’s find out:

Steps To Apply For E-Pass/ Movement Pass During Lockdown In Haryana

Step 1: You can easily register for an e-pass for movement in Haryana online. Simply open a web browser (we have used Chrome for reference) and type and hit enter. You can also click on this link to visit the webpage directly. Notably, you will need log in credentials if you visit website separately. So, it is advised to use the first two options.

Step 2: Once you visit the Movement pass page, you will see a form wherein you need to fill in the necessary details for registration. By default, the category is set to Emergency services. You can select what kind of service you will be going out for from the sub-category.

Step 3: Complete the form and make sure you have the Arogya Setu app downloaded before you complete the registration process. You will need to fill in personal details such as name, age, mobile and aadhaar number, etc.

Step 4: Lastly, enter the numeric code at the bottom of the page and click on submit to apply for the e-pass.

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