Create Cinematic Titles in Premiere Pro in 5 Easy Steps

Create Cinematic Titles in Premiere Pro in 5 Easy Steps
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Create Cinematic Titles in Premiere Pro in 5 Easy Steps

If you are someone who is into creating videos or filmmaking, you must’ve come across this word, “cinematic.” It’s usually used for cinematic videos or for cinematic text. Cinematic text and titles help give your video an immersive look and it keeps the audience focused on the screen. It’s very easy to create these cinematic titles in Adobe Premiere Pro and we can add a few extra effects to make it more compelling.

How to import a black video and add text in Adobe Premiere Pro

You can use the black video as a reference for the text.

  1. In the project panel, click on new item and select black video.
  2. Now, choose the resolution and duration of the black video according to your sequence.
  3. Now, add your text and make sure the text layer’s duration matches that of the black video imported in the previous step.

How to align text and change tracking in Adobe Premiere Pro

The Essential Graphics tab consists of all the effect controls for text.

  1. After you’ve added text, head over to the effect controls and under the font tab you will see tracking controls. Here, you can tweak the value and choose the one that best suits your video.
  2. Now, go over to the Essential Graphics tab and click the horizontal and vertical controls. This will set your text in the middle of the frame. This makes it look more professional.

How to add keyframes for opacity in Adobe Premiere Pro

Adding opacity keyframes will give the text a fading effect, which makes the animation a lot smoother.

  1. Select the text layer and go to the effect controls. Now, go to the first frame of the text and click the stopwatch icon which is next to the opacity control.
  2. Now, change the opacity value to 0 and move the playhead two seconds ahead and change the value to 100.
  3. Move the playhead to the four-second mark and create a keyframe. Now, move to the six-second mark and once again, change the values to 0.
  4. This will create a fading effect. To make this effect smoother, select all the keyframes and right-click one of them and click auto-bezier.

How to scale in-text in Adobe Premiere Pro

Scaling in-text gives the viewer a feel of the text coming towards them.

  1. Go to the first frame on the timeline, now make sure the text layer is selected.
  2. Click the stopwatch icon beside the scale properties and now move the playhead to the last frame of the text layer and now increase the scale value by 10-15 values. This will automatically create a second keyframe.

How to add Gaussian blur to text in Adobe Premiere Pro

Adding Gaussian blur to the text gives it a revealing effect.

  1. Go to the Effects tab, search for Gaussian blur and add it to the text layer.
  2. Now, go to the first frame and create a keyframe for Gaussian blur by clicking on the stopwatch icon. Set the value to 50.
  3. Now, go ahead two seconds in the timeline and change the value to 0.
  4. Go to the four-second mark and create a keyframe without changing any values.
  5. Now, go to the six-second mark and change the value back to 50.
  6. This will create a revealing effect and make the text appear more engaging.

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