Dance India Dance Li’l Master: Mouni Roy’s eyes spilled tears after seeing husband Sooraj’s video message, said – he is my true life partner

Dance India Dance Li’l Master: Mouni Roy’s eyes spilled tears after seeing husband Sooraj’s video message, said – he is my true life partner
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Mouni Roy’s tears spilled from her eyes

Today, in the episode “Shaadi Special” on the stage of Dance India Dance Li’l Champ, the contestants presented some amazing acts on the stage, not only for the contestants but also for the judges. .

Today, at Dance India Dance Li’l Master, the audience got to see a special treat where the contestants of DID Little Masters performed some scintillating acts in the wedding special episode. During this episode husband and wives of our judges were also invited as special guests, however Mouni Roy’s husband Sooraj Nambiar could not appear in this episode due to some reason. But he gave a surprise to Mouni through a lovely video message and this message made Mouni emotional. When Mouni was telling during the episode how much she misses her husband on the set.

Mouni Roy got a surprise

When Mouni was telling this, a surprise video of her husband was presented in front of her. This video brought tears to Mouni’s eyes. In this video, Sooraj (Suraj Nambiar) said, I met Mouni 4 years ago at the party of my friends. She was looking so beautiful that I could not take my eyes off her. A friend of mine helped me to start a conversation with him and then we gave our numbers to each other. Slowly we started dating and one day when Mouni, I and some friends went on a vacation, we had planned a small surprise for Mouni.

Know how Sooraj proposed Mouni Roy

Sooraj further said that “He did not know that I was going to propose him. I put his favorite song for him in the background and then proposed him in the backdrop of the beautiful sunset. We have been married for three months and I would like to say that it is a great feeling to be with him.

Know what Mouni has to say

Mouni also said, I used to be a little silent before meeting Suraj, but he showed me the right way to live life. He told me that I have to widen my horizons and feel the magic of being in this moment. I think it was he who introduced me to the real magic of life. I feel very grateful to have him in my life. He is my true life partner and I love him very much.

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Shocking performances by the contestants

While this special presence of Mouni’s husband cannot be missed, wait a while and enjoy this weekend’s stellar performance by contestant Nobojit, in which he will dance in the reverse direction with a perfect dance. In addition, this weekend the show will also introduce a very exciting Elemental Robambo! This will be a first of its kind robot on the reality show, which will not only interact with the contestants, audience and judges but will also entertain them.

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