Domestic help steals ₹8 lakh from employer’s house

Domestic help steals ₹8 lakh from employer’s house
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Mumbai: The police have launched a manhunt for a 35-year-old domestic help of a businessman for allegedly stealing around 8 lakh from the house of his employer who had received the amount as a wedding gift.

The businessman Pratham Gandhi, who has a plastic boxes manufacturing unit in Andheri East, had a house help for the past three years. After the house help quit the job, he gave a replacement, identified as Tipu Mina to the businessman.

The complainant told the police that since all the members of his family used to go to the office, they kept a key with Mina so that he could work when the family was away. On September 9, Gandhi’s mother gave him a stack of the envelope that he had received as wedding gifts from guests. The envelope contained cash, which was to be deposited in the bank locker.

Police officers said that on September 16, Mina left work and did not return. Gandhi said that Mina had not informed them or responded to their calls.

On Wednesday when Gandhi opened his locker at home to remove the envelope to deposit the cash in the bank, he found the envelope missing. The Gandhis then realised that Mina had opened the locker with the spare keys by keeping a watch on the family members and committed the theft when the family was out.

“On Wednesday, Gandhi approached us and registered a case against his domestic help who was not verified by the police,” said a police officer from Juhu police station.

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