Elden Ring Fan Makes Incredible Illustration in Honor of the Game

Elden Ring Fan Makes Incredible Illustration in Honor of the Game
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An Elden Ring fan showcases a beautiful illustration inspired by the game that features areas and characters encountered by players.

A number of artists have created artwork inspired by Elden Ring, ranging from NPCs that gamers encounter, bosses, and the now well-known player Let Me Solo Her. Elden Ring has given many people ideas when it comes to creative works, leading to many amazing bits of art.

Pieces that have been inspired by the RPG include figures, paintings, comics, and animations. Some artwork is not just works based off of the RPG, but also amazing Elden Ring crossovers with other franchises. One artist took inspiration from the game, creating an amazing painting featuring characters and locations that fans will recognize.


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An artist known as ElHihoe created an impressive illustration showcasing many parts of Elden Ring that gamers will recognize. A few of the game’s most memorable characters were drawn into the corners of the piece, including Melania and Ranni the Witch. Many of the game’s areas are included in the painting, with the illustration capturing much of Elden Ring’s world. Throughout the middle of the drawing is the Erdtree, with much of its golden trunk and branches taking up the upper half of the artwork and its roots taking up the bottom part of ElHihoe’s work. The painting is incredible and will bring up memories to anyone who has played the game.

A number of Redditors found ElHihoe’s art is amazing, and some stated that it would look good as a metal print or quilt. One commenter mentioned that the piece looks like a cover from one of the Lord of the Rings novels, while another said it is reminiscent of something from Dragon Age 2. Many asked where they can get a print of the work, with ElHihoe saying that they are coming soon. One critique that some had was the fact that Elden Ring boss General Radahn was not represented in the drawing.

ElHihoe is not the only one who has created amazing artwork based off of FromSoftware’s RPG. An artist going by the name hage drew an impressive piece featuring Elden Ring’s Lunar Princess Ranni and Blaidd, her faithful shadow. The painting features the two characters together under the moon, with Ranni having a distinct blue glow under her hat and Blaidd shouldering his massive sword. The work is beautiful and haunting as it shows the two together in this way. It is also bittersweet considering the fate that awaits Blaidd. The drawing gives fans a small chance to see Ranni and Blaidd together under the moon before their story takes the tragic twist that it does.

Elden Ring is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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