Elon Musk: By paying $ 8, anyone will be able to get blue tick on Twitter

Elon Musk: As soon as he became the owner of Twitter, he has taken many important and big decisions. Users can see many changes in the popular microblogging site in the coming times, one of which is the change of Blue Tick from a free service to a paid subscription.

Yes, recently the new owner of Twitter, Elon Musk announced that soon users will have to pay for blue tick ie verification. This has dealt a big blow to Twitter users. At the same time, now a new report has revealed that users will be able to verify their Twitter account by paying only money. There will be no need for verification for this. Read below to know in detail.

You will be able to get a blue tick on Twitter by paying only

The latest New York Times report reveals that as per a leaked internal document, Twitter Blue and Twitter Verification will merge, and users, will no longer need to verify their identity to get blue ticks for their Twitter accounts. This means that users will be able to get blue ticks without any document or verification only by paying money.

If this happens, then in the future, even a fake account with dirty content will be able to get a blue tick by paying money. Due to this people may face problems in differentiating between authentic accounts and fake accounts.

8 dollars to be paid for a blue tick

Let us know that users will have to pay $ 8 i.e. about Rs 655 every month for a blue tick. Many users are showing their anger by tweeting against the decision of Elon Musk. However, today i.e. on November 5, Musk made it clear by tweeting that $ 8 will have to be paid for the blue tick.

He wrote in his tweet that trash me all day, but it will cost $8. This means that no matter what happens, people will have to pay $8.

Many employees were fired from the company

Let us tell you that as soon as Elon Musk became the owner of Twitter, the board of directors including CEO Parag Agarwal have shown the way out of the company. Along with this, the company has also fired most of its employees in India. Before being fired, there were more than 200 employees working for Twitter in India.

Twitter has laid off 50 percent of its employees from the Communications, Global Content Partnership, Sales, Revenue, Engineering, and Product teams in India. Along with this, the curation team has also been blamed. In all, about 300 employees have been laid off. However, some employees have also been retained.

On this, Musk tweeted that when the company is at a loss of $ 4 million every day, then it has no other option. All those who opted out were paid for 3 months of service, which is 50% more than what is legally required.