Elon Musk is tweeting in Hindi and Bhojpuri, users are surprised

Elon Musk: Many big changes are being seen as soon as I buy Twitter. Many employees including the CEO of the company have been shown the way out. In India, too many employees have been laid off. Along with this, a new announcement has also been made for services like Blue Tick.

After this, now some of Musk’s tweets are going viral. Musk has tweeted in Hindi and Bhojpuri. Many people are surprised to see this and they do not understand how and why Musk is tweeting in these languages. Let us read below to know about this matter.

Elon Musk is tweeting in Hindi and Bhojpuri

Today i.e. on November 5, tweets are being made in Hindi and Bhojpuri with the username Elon Musk. In a tweet, Bhojpuri’s popular song Kamariya Kare Lapalap Ki, Lollipop Lagelu has been written.

At the same time, in a tweet, the dialogue of Shahrukh Khan has been written, such small things keep happening in big countries.

There have been many other tweets like this.

The account is not Musk’s official Twitter handle

These tweets are going viral and people do not understand why Elon Musk is doing such tweets. However, this is not Musk’s official Twitter handle. The account from which the tweets have been tweeted has the username Elon Musk and also has a blue tick on it, but its Twitter handle is @iawoolford.

At the same time, the official Twitter handle of Elon Musk is @elonmusk. This means that the tweets made in Hindi and Bhojpuri are not by Elon Musk but by any other Twitter user.

Elon Musk

In the above photo, you can clearly see that both accounts belong to different users and the one who is tweeting in Hindi and Bhojpuri is not the official Twitter handle Musk.

The username has revealed that this account is of Dr. Ian Woolford, a professor teaching Hindi at La Trobe University, Australia. From profile photo to name and cover photo, the professor has put up like Musk. This is causing confusion among the users.