EXCLUSIVE: Zayed Khan reveals if he regrets doing many multi-starrers: I was very passionate & foolish also

EXCLUSIVE: Zayed Khan reveals if he regrets doing many multi-starrers: I was very passionate & foolish also
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Zayed Khan is an actor who had managed to impress the audience with his performance in movies like Main Hoon Na, Dus, Anjaana Anjaani etc. Although most of his films had failed to create a buzz at the box office, Zayed did leave an impact on the audience. In his career, Zayesh has been a part of several multi-starrers. And now, in an exclusive conversation with Pinkvilla, the actor has revealed if he regrets being a part of many multi-starrer films.

Zayed said, “When I thought about big films and people going to the cinema to watch larger than life films, to make that happen you needed a team effort. You needed lots of people who can pull the audience because otherwise going as in to watch a film that is more or less realistic and to the bone and arty, it’s not an experience. So, my idea was always to collaborate with the best names and the best people in the business and I wanted to make larger than life movies and strangely that’s what’s happening right now on the OTT platform. So, that was my approach. Now, was it a good approach? I don’t know because I was young I was very bull-headed. I thought I knew it all. And yes, a lot of very close near and dear ones did tell me ‘Zayed don’t do so many multi-starrers’ and I really was shooting with the from the hip. I was very passionate and very… I think foolish also”.

Explaining it further, the actor said that although there is regret, it has helped him learn. “You know when you tie yourself up to so many multi-starrer movies and they don’t work, your equity really drops and I’ve noticed that. I didn’t think about it that way then. It’s one thing that you do 2-3 films on your own and that flops and then you say ‘you know what I might have to collaborate with somebody to get something going’. People do that and they take a risk on that and sometimes it does really well and wow you’re back in the game. That’s where one of my technical flaws was. But going back in the hindsight, is there regret? Sure there is regret. Was there something to learn from? Yes. Was there a cost to it? Big time. Did that cost sharpen me? Amazingly. Has it geared me to go in for round 2 now knowing what my opponent is all about? Yes! That’s where I am,” Zayed added.

As of now, Zayed is looking forward to his upcoming movie which he has wrapped recently. However, he didn’t divulge any details about it.

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