Faltu 14th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Faltu 14th November 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Faltu going inside the gents’ washroom to tug her hair inside. At that time Ayaan gets a call and he leaves to attend it, while Pappi comes there and determines to find out about Anmol’s truth. He was about to go inside the washroom when Faltu notices someone’s presence and keeps her hair in front of her face.

She acts like a ghost and starts shouting at Pappi to leave. She rebukes him for getting inside the girl’s washroom and throws water on him, while he rushes out without seeing her face. He then realizes that it was a gent’s washroom and again goes inside it.

Faltu 14th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Here, Faltu disguises herself as Anmol instantly and acts to be using the washroom. At that time Pappi comes there and ask him to turn around. He determines to confront the latter but Anmol denies to follow his instructions. Pappi was about to forcefully turn Anmol towards him when Ayaan comes there and defends the latter. He glares at Pappi and asks him to stay away from Anmol.

Ayaan gets furious at Pappi and warns the latter, while he proclaims to see a girl inside the washroom. He questions Anmol about it while the latter makes up a story and states that how can a girl come there? Pappi proclaims that he is sure, he has seen a girl, while Anmol replies that it must be a ghost.

Elsewhere, Anmol tells a fake horror story and says that nowadays people are seeing a spirit of a woman, who then tries to kill the person who sees her. Pappi gets afraid and falls into Faltu’s trap. He then runs away from there while Ayaan and Faltu laugh at him. Meanwhile, Ayaan gives a surprise gift to Faltu and she gets elated after receiving it.

Ayaan asks Faltu to practice her form as it isn’t good when she gets stressed and sits on the terrace to think about her life. At that time Ayaan also goes there and sits beside her. He states that he has faced the situation that Faltu is going through. He motivates her and states that there are only a few people who was able to shine in this world.

Ahead, Faltu gets inspiration from Ayaan and proclaims to fulfill her dreams. She assures her that she will surely shine while Ayaan smiles and encourages her. Whereas, he looks at her and states that she has again ignited the passion for cricket inside him. She stares at him and questions what she has done. To which he smiles and replies that she isn’t even aware of it.

Faltu 14th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Faltu insists Ayaan attend her match stating that his presence gives her confidence, to which he assures her that he will come to the match. She gets elated while he also becomes happy. He goes back to his room, while Suhanna gives him the phone. Janardan talks to him and notifies him about the date of his engagement with Tanisha. He asks Ayaan to come back at that moment while the latter gets shocked and tries to delay it but his mother talks to him and reminds him about Tanisha’s expectations.

Further, Ayaan agrees to go back to his house and leaves there with his sister. He recalls his promise to Faltu, while Suhanna shows her sympathy towards the latter for her hard life. Ayaan says that he has done something for the latter and they will find out about it at the right time. Meanwhile, Faltu’s marriage preparation gets started and they also find out about Ayaan’s departure. Whereas, Faltu gets a letter from Ayaan and becomes emotional while Pratap consoles her. She is determined to win the match with Ayaan’s help and trust in her.